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  • The Role Of God In The Great Gatsby

    Some people believe in God and others don 't. There have been countless changes in morals and values throughout the various time periods in America. For example, the 1920s was a time of economic growth, jazz, prohibition, gender role change, and morality changes. The 1920s was a time when people tended to stray from what were previously common morals. It was no longer important to put God first in life. Throughout the novel though, it can be said that metaphorically God is always watching. Though in the the 1920s God took a back seat in most peoples lives, he was still present throughout the novel. God was metaphorically watching through Owl Eyes and Doctor T.J. Eckleburg, and contributes to the overall theme of The Great Gatsby. Owls are…

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  • Theme Of God In The Great Gatsby

    God in The Great Gatsby Throughout history and in many works of literature, the ideas of God and religion play very important roles in determining how people and characters act and think. Often, stories include symbols that represent God or godly power. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 book The Great Gatsby chronicles the story of a rich criminal named Gatsby who spends all of his time going after Daisy, his love, but ultimately fails, resulting in a catastrophic series of events which culminate in…

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  • The Great Gatsby God Symbol Analysis

    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was set in the 1920’s, a time of mixed fortune where a select few made millions while the common people in society were very unfortunate. As people started to value wealth on the dawn of the Great Depression, the poor became poorer and the rich disregarded their existence. Social classes became even more separated as the newly rich fought with the old money for power. The thirst for opportunity was still present, but the traditional American Dream was…

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  • The Great God Pan Play Analysis

    our consciousness, bothering us until our obstinacy relents to a shrug of the shoulders. Amy Herzog’s play, The Great God Pan, explores such sensations. Burgeoning playwright Amy Herzog attempts to illustrate this pursuit through the character Jamie, a potential victim of child molestation. This November, The Great God Pan opened at Davidson College’s Barber Theatre. Directed by Dr. Sharon Green, the gingerly evocative play provided an opportunity for six Davidson students to grapple with…

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  • Essay On Zeus Is The Great Leader Of The Olympian Gods?

    Zeus was the great leader of the Olympian gods. The family of Mount Olympus truly was the most powerful of all the Greek families. Though they were gods, they were full of themselves; arrogant, stubborn, and prime examples of immorality. Since they couldn 't be trusted, they were to be approached with cautiousness. A modern day version of the Olympian gods would be a family with a maximum amount of power. The Greek temple had 12 gods and goddesses. Most gods were in fact full of themselves, but…

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  • Justification Of God In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” shows the contrast in how people thought prior to and during the 1920’s, especially regarding mindsets about God. Though generations before had held God to a high regard, “The Great Gatsby”, arguably a criticism of the 1920’s, shows the way those beliefs began to fade. People began to turn away from religion and instead towards materialism and personal desires. Along with all the chaotic situations in the book comes the expectation that there will be…

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  • Comparing The Great Gatsby And Their Eyes Were Watching God

    The main character of this novel (although the narrator is Nick) is Jay Gatsby. Some of his most distinctive character traits are that he is an optimist that chooses to live in the past. His main goal throughout the novel is to win back Daisy from Tom by “any means necessary,” he does not take into account that Daisy might not feel the same thing for him that he feels for her, choosing to live in a “perfect” world. He is a wealthy man living in a mansion in West Egg (based on Long Island, where…

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  • The American Dream In The Great Gatsby And Their Eyes Were Watching God

    The American Dream is a broad supposition in which it varies amongst many particular individuals. Many people conceptualize it as being successful and wealthy, meanwhile others hypothesize it to be content and stable. Most of the times, the cases of which the American dream is portrayed usually is dependant on the race, ethnicity, and age of that certain individual. Some latino US citizens would say that their American dream is to buy a house and be contently stable in a state of alacrity,…

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  • Their Eyes Were Watching God And The Great Gatsby Comparison Essay

    A dream is something that fully satisfies a wish, goal or a desired purpose (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In The Great Gatsby and Their Eyes Were Watching God the main characters both have a dream that are essential to them. Each wishes to live their dream, but runs into conflict preventing them from fulfilling that ambition. Dreams can transfer the character of a person, or simply change itself. However, dreams can be devastating if not accomplished. They can be unrealistic, or the wrong dream…

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  • Essay Comparing The Great Gatsby And Their Eyes Were Watching God

    Though from different times, places, and backgrounds, Tom Buchanan from The Great Gatsby, and Jody Starks from Their Eyes Were Watching God, do have similarities. Both powerful, wealthy men, who married for no more than show- for it is simply what is expected. People like Tom and Jody live for power, and when attention is taken away from them, they will do whatever they can to bring the light back to them. Starks came across Janie when she was working on the farm of her first husband. He…

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