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  • Cabinet Government In Canada Summary

    paper, “Cabinet Government in Canada,” the federal cabinet of Canada roots from the British governmental system. In many ways, Canada has kept British traditions, but as it developed, the governmental systems grew more different. In this paper, Mallory discusses how the Canadian federal cabinet compares to the British system, how it came to be and the role of the cabinet in Canada. Because Canada’s governmental system somewhat stems from Britain’s, there are many similarities between the two. However, as Canada grew more independent, different needs began to create differences in the systems. Mallory states “there are important differences in the way in which the decision-making process is organized, and the way in which decisions when made are translated into policy” (Mallory 142) to be specific. In other words, though the system is originally from Britain, Canada’s federal cabinet serves to solve issues within the nation. The federal cabinet of Canada was formed from the government by a colonial…

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  • Canadian Mother's Book Review

    “The One Best Way:” Marketing Breast Milk In the 1920s, despite the dramatic decline breastfeeding rates in Canada, Dr. Helen MacMurchy, the head of the Division of Child Welfare, attempted to establish breastfeeding as the “Canadian way.” In The Canadian Mother’s Book, MacMurchy promoted, under her governmental title, breastfeeding as “the one best way” to feed infants. Although this message had been ignored with the medicalization of infant birth and feeding practices in the mid-twentieth…

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  • Canadian Justice System: Article Analysis

    Greenspan, who is a Toronto criminal lawyer and Anthony Doob, who is a professor of criminology at the University of Toronto. The first pointed out that currently The federal government is wanting to reintroduce controversial penalties for the organized crime act that was shot down when the spring election was called, such as minimum sentences for growing marijuana or selling it around youth (Greenspan & Doob, 2011). The second article by the authors discusses the matter of how Canadians in a…

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  • Doukhobors Background

    Many off the Doukhobors were able to come to Canada due to one of the leaders named Leo Tolstoy and his followers. In 1902, 500 more Doukhobors came to Canada with Verigin, another leader/novelist of the Doukhobors making the Doukhobors the largest single mass migration in Canada’s history. Verigin led his followers to the southern parts of B.C. here was where he bought land and created a self-contained community made up of over 6,000 Doukhobors. Later on a tiny amount of Doukhobors left and…

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  • Aboriginal Women

    Within post colonial Canada, the Indigenous population still faces constant discrimination and challenges because of their status as the “other” and are marginalized from the general population. As we learned from our readings, the problems faced by the aboriginal woman becomes even more troublesome, as they are faced with not only the oppression that comes with the label of being of part of the indigenous population, but also with the added label of being a woman as well. Since the time of…

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  • Case Study: Canadian Magazine Dispute

    The formally-titled Canadian Magazine Dispute, whose relations date back to Canada’s protectionism efforts in the 1920’s, was a cultural and financial preservation controversy that developed from a publication dispute into a world debate. In the 1990’s, Time Warner Inc. began distributing a split-run version of Sports Illustrated in Canada, subverting their 30-year long split-run magazine ban through electronic transmission (Rinamen, 1996). The magazines were, in fact, published in the US with…

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  • Peacekeeping Issues In Canada

    Canada has always thrived on being a country that people can trust to be welcoming and compassionate. Since the first world war, Canada’s participation and success on the battlefields did the most to create a sense of distinct nationhood; resulting in a flood of cultural nationalism across the country. However, in recent years, Canada’s familiar reputation for being a peacekeeping nation quickly changed as a certain political party took over the country. Spending billions of dollars to send…

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  • Uncle Sam Cartoon Analysis

    depicts a baby that is meant to be Canada standing on its own with an older woman commonly known as ‘Mother Britannia’, who is meant to represent the British Empire. There is also an older gentlemen that is commonly known as ‘Uncle Sam’, which is a common national personification of the American government or the United States in general. The text underneath the cartoon has the women saying “See, the dear child can stand alone!”, while ‘Uncle Sam’ says “Of course he can! Let go of him Granny;…

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  • Temporary Foreign Workers In Canada

    Canada as a first world country is a highly sought after final destination for immigrants seeking a better life. It is no surprise then that the government of Canada has strict guidelines in place to allow in only those who are deemed to be beneficial in improving the nation as a whole. However this would exclude a vast majority of migrants who do not have the right skills, education, or capital to be let into the country to immigrate or work. The solution, the Temporary Foreign Workers Program…

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  • Universal Free Healthcare In Canada

    ideal Canadian,” (Pierre Trudeau). Although Canada, as a nation, states that they have certain values that are followed by everyone, it is difficult to live perfectly by them due to human nature and differences. Canada does have core values though, of peace, health care and equality. Peace is a preeminent Canadian value and it is written all over the country’s history. From the beginning of the formation of Canada, people who deem themselves Canadian’s have always shown their value of peace.…

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