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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Political Non-Apology

    Politicians have it rough. From making decisions to better their citizens, to creating campaigns to stay in office, politicians spend each day to better the lives of everyone as well as maintaining reputable social statuses. After all, the relationship between the people and the office holder determines whether he is worthy to hold this job. However, what happens if a certain action, event, or scandal jeopardizes their position? The answer is straightforward: an effective public political apology, like NJ Governor Chris Christie’s apology to the people after the Fort Lee incident. His apology made not only the affiliated but the whole country forgive him. On the other hand, Donald Trump’s apology for inappropriately insulting women did not…

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  • Comparing Paine And Franklin's Contribution To The American Revolution

    that America produced. After the Staple Act was passed many of the colonists protested and refused these Navigation Acts, because profit for cotton and for tobacco decreased greatly and governors were set up in each colony. These acts followed the colonists all the way to the Revolutionary War because rebellions broke out everywhere over taxation without represenations (5). Not only did the colonists lose their trust in the government, there economy was also falling apart, and this encouraged…

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  • Informative Essay On Sports Gambling

    Gambling in the United States brought in over seventy one billion dollars’ worth or revenue in 2015. In Nevada for the 2015 Super Bowl had over thirty two million dollars where wagered on sports books. These bets were only wagered in Nevada where sport betting is legal yet it is estimated by the American Gaming Association that Americans wagered close to four billion dollars were wagered illegally through bookies, office pots of between friends and family. So as you can tell sports betting still…

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  • Charles Cornwallis: The Down Fall Of The American Revolution

    In 1775 the Revolutionary War started. The main reason of this was that New England wanted to break away from England’s government. The British Commander Charles Cornwallis was the one to go to battle at York town against the American commander George Washington. On the way to York town, Cornwallis had to overcome many other battles that he won. In my opinion commander Charles Cornwallis, could easily have been the down fall of the American Revolution with all of his previous expedients and…

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  • Essay On New Jersey

    New Jersey is the greatest state in America. This has nothing to do with the fact that I have lived in New Jersey my whole life; I make this claim strictly with objectivity and fact based arguments. The diverse, and densely populated state is home to a bevy of attractive and titillating features. Historically, culturally, scenically, New Jersey is without equal. Conventional wisdom of New Jersey’s ails are not grounded in reality. New Jersey is called “The Garden State” for a reason, as despite…

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  • Unclaimed Property Case Study

    Pwc (pag 5 & 6) further explains that the case of the New Jersey Retail Merchants Association, et al. v. Sidamon-Eristoff where the U.S. Court of Appeals 2012 affirmed the orders of the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey barring New Jersey from enforcing a "place of purchase" presumption for stored value cards and the retroactive escheatment of cards already issued. The Appeals Court also affirmed the District Court 's ruling that the "data collection provision," requiring stored…

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  • Chapter Summary Of The Chapter 'The Darkest Hour'

    Chapter 7 begins shortly after the Patriots evacuated New York City with McCullough describing Washington and his troops completing one of the most dreadful, intolerable and draining retreats the Continental Army undergoed which ended up with Washington's troops crossing through New Jersey. Then, in complete despair Washington practically begged General Lee, by writing letters, to have him join Washington and his troops, but Lee declined his offer several times mostly due to Joseph Reed’s…

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  • The Shack Short Story

    The mercury was not going to exceed -9°C for the day and would be approaching -20°C again that night as it had been doing the entire previous week. At least the stream through the middle of the shack was temporarily thwarted! They were delivered thankfully by Dr. Thomas Walton, a very experienced English doctor in town (and Indian Agent to boot, amongst other things). John and Lucinda named the two new Jennings, John Arthur and Edith Victoria. It can’t be doubted that the whole family couldn’t…

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  • Case Study: The American Dream Mall

    The state of New Jersey plans to construct one of the biggest retailer and entertainment complexes in the United States named The American Dream Mall. The goal of this project is to become the primary global shopping, dining and entertainment destination any one has yet to see. The complex has been under construction for over thirteen years in the Meadowlands located right next to the MetLife Stadium, home of the NFL New York Jets and New York Giants. Throughout the past couple of years this…

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  • The Effects Of Extinction On The Oyster Capital Of The World

    This paper explores the reasons behind the functional extinction of the Eastern Oyster in the New York Harbor, the ecological services that the oyster provided to the Harbor’s ecosystem and the steps to bring back this keystone species. When Europeans first came to the New World, oysters were so abundant around New York City that it was considered the Oyster Capital of the World (Driscoll, 2011) but within 300 years this title would be no more as the oyster became functionally extinct due to…

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