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  • Essay On Memories Of Reading

    We all have memories of reading, however we each have our own unique experiences. I have many wonderful memories of reading, but unfortunately I vividly remember the negative experience because it hit me the hardest. I went to Riverdale Elementary School, a dry dull red brick school. When I was in first grade, the school was offering tutors, sixth graders, to help the students in the lower grades. The sixth graders specifically helped with reading, and they were trying to pace the students to be proficient or even to an advance level. My mother, dark tanned skin, long black silky hair immediately signed me up. “You need all the help you can get,” she said seriously. I felt that my mom had expectations and I needed to do well in school. After she signed me up, as you can imagine I was not looking forward to the tutoring sessions. I wanted to go home and watch Sailor Moon save the day! I did not want to spend every boring afternoon with a sixth grader who probably does not even want to be there as well. However I was in no position to say that I did not want to go to the session. The session was in a typical classroom, chalkboard, desk, and green carpet however this classroom did not have any windows, I’m guess this would eliminate any distractions. As for my tutor Melissa, was a very pretty tall dark haired brunette.…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Sixth Graders

    Sixth graders can thrive if they possess the qualities of initiative, and morality. Initiative is the power to take charge before others do. For example, if you need to go to the bathroom, find time yourself and then go, don’t wait for someone else to tell you it’s a good time to go. Morality is the distinction between right or wrong behavior. For example, if a student contains morality, they would know that messing around in the halls is the wrong behavior. If a student goes to their next class…

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  • Personal Statement : An Eighth Grader

    As an eighth grader, I had no choice but to balance out my school work, making sure to do all the chores, and taking care of my three younger siblings at home by myself. My parents would be up in the hospital taking care of my now passed grandmother, who had cancer, while I, being the oldest child in the family, had to stay home alone to take care of my younger siblings. At first it was a difficult task for my 12-year old self to handle. While I was doing my homework or studying, I would have to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of 8th Graders

    Greetings 8th graders. Taking high school classes as an 8th grader can definitely be a challenge. To make it an enjoyable and simple year there are a couple tips to guide you. Three things you can do to ensure a great year are, manage your time, stay organized, and have a positive attitude. The first and most important tip that will assist you is time management. Last year I made a commitment to managed my time well. Most likely you will have homework every night. On top of this it is quite…

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  • My Experience As A 10th Grader

    Welcome back to school! The reason you’re reading this is because you’ve been told to, but I hope by the end of this letter you will have learned something from my experiences as a 10th grader. It isn’t as big and scary as it may seem, and before you know it, you will be writing one of these letters yourself, passing on knowledge to some other upcoming tenth grader. I have learned many things this year, both academic and non-academic, but what I think is most important is that you appreciate…

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  • What Is Caterpillar's First Motor Grader?

    Looking Back: Caterpillar's First Motor Grader Caterpillar first became involved in the motor grader industry in 1926, when the Russell Grader Manufacturing Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota released a grader featuring a 2-ton Caterpillar crawler tractor. This grader – called No.4 Auto Patrol – which was rated at 27 horsepower, and had hand-operated blade controls – sold successfully. As a result of No.4 Auto Patrol's sales success, the Russell Grader Manufacturing Company developed another…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Rebirth Of A Sixth Grader

    The Rebirth of a Sixth Grader It wasn’t a real hospital, so I didn’t expect it to smell so much like disinfectant, and for it to linger on my skin and in my hair for multiple days after I returned home. Everything was such a bleached white. It looked spotless in there, and I was scared if I were to touch anything that it would be tainted forever. A lovely middle-aged woman met me around the first corner I took when I walked through the intimidating sliding glass doors. My…

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  • Explain Why Is It Important To Survive A Sixth Grader

    For a sixth grader to survive sixth grade, they need to possess three things. First of all independence, being yourself, and being able to do things on your own. Second, a sixth grader needs support from friends, teachers, and family. Last but not least, initiative, the ability to take charge. All of these things, are needed to survive in the sixth grade. To survive in the sixth grade, a sixth grader needs to be independant. When you forget your library book, is it your mom’s responsibility to…

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  • Annie, Jr.: Film Analysis

    rehearsing for their upcoming production of “Annie, Jr.” Under the direction of Mrs. Hilderbrand and Mrs. Palanuik, thirty-nine students have been practicing twice a week since February for the June 2nd performance. Annie, the eleven year old streetwise orphan, is played by fifth grader Jesse Hale, who previously performed as Pinocchio in “Shrek, Jr.” and Maurice in “Beauty and The Beast, Jr.” Sixth grader Austin Thorpe, who audiences will remember as Lord Farquaad from “Shrek, Jr.”, portrays…

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  • 8th Grade Benefits

    Eighth grade is a good year in school. You learn a lot, but you have fun at the same time. Eighth grade is a good combination of school and fun. Extracurricular activities also get better, in my opinion. Eighth grade is not easy and does require work, but hold on, you will make it. In my essay, I will explain how eighth grade is a good school year through schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and through privileges. First, I will explain how eighth grade is a good school year through…

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