Gradient descent

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  • My Purpose Of Machine Perception

    R&D or academia. My long-term scientific goal is to develop a machine intelligence that sees, hears and feels, and interacts correspondingly with humans. Summary of preparatory research studies I started working with the applications of data as a software engineering intern at The MathWorks, where I worked to develop methods for volumetric data visualization. Accomplishing the internship, I worked as a data analyst at the Addenbrooke’s Hospital of the University of Cambridge. I analyzed “tons” of data, and contributed to developing an automatic statistical method for improved patient monitoring systems. Later, I moved at JHU and developed a method for segmentation of thalamic nuclei from diffusion tensor images (DTI). I established a gradient descent method for tensor computation that made the processing twice faster than the earlier method used. I, with another colleague, also wrote a random forest algorithm in Matlab for efficient classification of thalamic nuclei using intrinsic DTI properties like fractional anisotropy, mean diffusivity, and principal eigenvectors. Having had these R&D experiences, I realized that I could use and further develop my programming and computational skills in brain research for machine perception and cognition. Research study 1 - Tactile perception in humans The haptic perception of natural objects requires combining cutaneous signals with proprioceptive information. However, how proprioception and touch sensing over multiple fingers…

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  • Tragedy In Frankestein

    Everyone makes relationships to fulfil their desires. As relationships are made, people look for positivity and happiness that they can get from the relationships. Some relationships turn out well but unfortunately not everybody becomes successful. In “Frankestein” and “The descent”, the protagonist and the others do not develop a positive relationship or at least they cannot because of society. The protagonist and the others do not have a cooperative relationship which is the main factor of…

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  • Inanna's Descent In Greek Mythology

    Their Descents, Their Reasons The world was created by many methods for various reasons; according to the myths, a lot of gods and goddesses were born after this world was created. By their own roles, they have ruled over from a small tribe to a big society that is larger than a country with diverse names. Inanna, Ishtar, and Aphrodite are the goddesses who have similar roles, personalities, and characteristics but different names because those three regions of myths are adjoined. However, the…

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  • Essay On D. B. Cooper: The Unsolved Hijacking

    Mexico City with just him, the flight attendant, and the pilots. With the ransom money strapped to his chest along with two different parachutes, he jumped (Gray). The FBI, at his suspected landing area, searched for Cooper, but he was never found and there was not a trace of him (“D.B. Cooper: Everything”). Many people believe that D.B. Cooper died after his escape jump following the hijacking. One justification of this opinion is that it was negative seven degrees Celsius at the time of his…

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  • Bruny Island Topography

    1.0 Introduction Data collection on Bruny Island yielded several readings associated with climate, topography, and GPS. These readings have been analysed using visual techniques before refining to report on the reasoning behind the different trends in the datasets. As Bruny Island experiences (a general) North-Westerly wind direction, it became evident that vegetation and the topography of one sand dune transect would impose an effect on the recorded wind speed (or velocity) readings. The…

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  • Kinship Chart

    Kinship Report and Kinship Chart Throughout the study of my personal family, I aquired a great amount of knowledge on kinship and descent of my family. I was able to construct a well detailed diagram starting with my grandparents creating a learning path towards the understanding of kinship. I observed my kinship system by learning the descent, the terminologies, the differences in the kinship chart through my fathers and mothers lineage, the parallellism of my kinship diagram if my kinship…

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  • The Black Cat Suspense Analysis

    Edgar Allen Poe is often regarded as a master of building suspense. Poe develops suspense in “The Black Cat” through the following three events: When the narrator cuts out Pluto’s eye, when the narrator finds another black cat that looks almost exactly like Pluto, when the white patch on the second black cat’s chest forms into a hangman’s noose. One of the major turn point’s in the story is when the narrator cuts out Pluto’s eye. It gives the readers a feel that this isn’t the same person…

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  • Pluto And The Black Cat Analysis

    From the very beginning of the story Poe starts by stating he does not expects the reader to understand him or to believe what we are about to witness. “I neither expect nor solicit belief. Mad indeed would I be to expect it, in a case where my verse surely do I not dream” (837). Poe makes this notion because of his wives superstitious believes. “My wife, who at heart was a little tinctured with superstition, made frequent allusion to the ancient popular notion, which regarded all black cats as…

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  • Alliteration In The Black Cat

    “It was the cat’s voice that had screamed. The cat had made me kill my wife, and its cries had given me away. I had walled up the monster within the tomb,” quoted from Edgar Allan Poe in The Black Cat. Using literary terms is one of Edgar Allan Poe’s strong points in his writing. In The Black Cat Poe uses figurative terms, for instance foreshadowing and alliteration, in a way that helps the story to remain interesting and flow fluently. With plot being an important necessity in a story, The…

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  • Comparing The Simularities And Differences Of Master Cat

    Trickster Tales Tell your mother that i am grateful to him and has given me great pleasure.This quote is taken from the trickster tail Master Cat. The master says that he's thankful for the rabbit. Trickster tales that contain similarities and differences of Master Cat and How Stories Came to Earth. In Master Cat and how stories came to earth there are several simularities.One of the first simularities of Master Cat and How stories Came to earth is how they use Anthropomorphism.…

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