Personal Narrative: How War Affects My Life

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After we prepared the house for the dinner party, I went for a walk in the woods, and my aunt stayed behind to survey her sister’s belongings. As I walked, I enjoyed the freshness of the woods and the odor of fresh water that the afternoon wind carried across the land. I found an old stump. The heart of the three had rotted away, and some pine needles had fallen into the bottom of the hole. It looked as if some animal had spread them evenly as if preparing a nest. Across the opening, a spider had spun its web. I sat on the stump and looked at a group of birch trees. I remembered how birch bark supplied the pitch to seal the hide of a Welsh’s fishing boat. I was thinking of my great uncles and cousins. How different their life had been. I felt grateful to know how my grandfather felt about the death of his son’s. I felt the same away about my brothers who had died in Nam. …show more content…
In a way, I felt the loss of my mother, my uncle, and my aunt, but the loss of my comrades affected me in a deeper manner. War had taught me to want little from life but the quietness of a tomb. How insane is my life. In the house I have to have to have my music blasting or the TV blaring. In the house I was always uneasy. My ribs hurt. I felt as if I had a throat fill of saliva and I gurgled when I

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