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  • Maca Goddess

    Transformations of the Morrigan: Dark Goddess to Great Queen Any precursory search will reveal that The Morrigan can be a paradoxical figure and the truth about her may not be easily uncovered. She is a goddess steeped in myth, history, and contradictions and one must unravel these questions and fit the remaining pieces together in a cultural context to gain a true understanding of her nature and position. At various times she has been seen as a beautiful maiden, a faery queen, a phantom-like spirit, a wise crone, and even a mortal woman. Sometimes she is gracious and forgiving while other times her lessons come with a bit of tough love. Even the name The Morrigan is open to debate among many; sometimes seen as a title given to many goddesses, sometimes believed to be a…

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  • The Inanna Goddess Story

    The second Goddess story I felt inspired to discuss is that of Inanna. Inanna is the Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility and war and Queen of Heaven. She is presented as a dynamic and powerful Goddess. Like many Gods and Goddesses, there are a variety of stories surrounding her origins and existence. She was said to have driven a lion drawn chariot and participated in battle yet was also a sensual, passionate Goddess. Inanna was revered in Sumer, a region in Mesopotamia which is now modern day…

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  • The Goddess Of Beauty, And The Story Of Aphrodite

    Aphrodite was the goddess of fertility, love, and beauty. Unlike other gods and goddesses; Aphrodite has two completely different stories of origin that end with her in the same place, Mount Olympus. The first is that she was the daughter of one of Zeus's many affairs with women, but in this case it was with Dione who was the goddess of the oak tree. The second and most famous story is that when Cronus had slain his father Uranus and threw his male genitalia into the sea, it dissolved into…

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  • Goddess Of Wisdom As Depicted In Homer's Odyssey

    Once upon a time, there lived a cunning woman named Charlotte. She had long brown hair that swept her shoulders and she had shining deep blue eyes and tan skin. She lived on a perfect little island with lush green forests,shining rivers, and sandy beaches that smelled like the sea. It was called Ocleous. Throughout the village, Charlotte was known as the most intelligent person alive, almost as smart as Athena, the goddess of wisdom. If anyone had a problem, they would go the Charlotte. …

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  • Unknown Goddess Of Rain: Ancient Greek Myth

    Unknown Goddess of Rain Thousands of year ago before Zeus and Hera were married, Zeus was with a very strict woman who is unknown to Greek Mythology. At the time Hera had no idea that Zeus was with this mysterious goddess that was always hanging around. So at the time he was with this woman she controlled snow and ice. Which in a variety of states it doesn't because Zeus one day asked Hera a very serious question as brother and sister, if she could freeze the snow goddess everytime she tried to…

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  • Venus And Minerva, The Ancient Goddesses In Greek Mythology

    Venus and Minerva were and still are two of the most well-known goddesses in ancient mythology. However, one could say that based on the most famous stories, these goddesses are known for being very different. Venus the roman goddess, also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, is recognized for being the goddess of love and beauty. She is said in many stories to be the most beautiful and desired by all. Minerva (or Athena in Greek) on the other hand, is identified as the goddess of wisdom and…

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  • Archetypes In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

    have from that moment on. In Greek Mythology, “The sparrow was a sacred bird to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and symbolized true love and a spiritual connection, not just of lust” (The Meaning of Sparrows - Identification and Folklore). Perhaps this is why Chopin chooses the sparrow out of all birds; Mrs. Mallard finally finds a connection to true love, which was to love herself. Towards the end of the story, Chopin expresses the finally stage of freedom by describing Mrs. Mallard as a…

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  • Comparison Of Greek Gods And Goddesses

    “A goddess is a woman who breaks the mold, she’s who she wants to be… And she offers no apologies.” In greek mythology, there appear to be several different gods and goddesses each owning their own unique statistic(s). Gods and goddesses were immortals looked up to by mortals; mortals praised and worshipped them. Goddesses were powerful woman who were flawless and thought the world of themselves; this was normal. The authoritative voice these figures had on mortals was mind blowing. Athena,…

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  • Similarities Between Enheduanna And The Sumerians

    Section A: Question 1 Enheduanna was the daughter of Sargon of Akkad. As a high priestess at the temple of Ur, she wrote a hymn of praise to Ishtar, or Inanna in Sumerian, the goddess of love and war. Enheduanna wrote a hymn about the Sumerian goddess Inanna because of the similarities between her and the Akkadian goddess, Ishtar. Although the Sumerians and the Akkadians were two separate cultures, they both worshipped a goddess of love and war. These similarities between the two goddesses…

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  • Sappho And Enheduanna Analysis

    The advantage to her poetry becoming known was through her high social standing. She was the daughter of Akkad king Sargon which inherently made her a high priestess, eventually of Ur (Black 37). This advantage allowed her to write poetry honoring her personal goddess Inanna, the goddess of love, fertility and warfare and ultimately making Enheduanna the first named historical author (Binkley 47). Enheduanna’s respect for Inanna was shown throughout three of her poems, her most famous one being…

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