Goddess Of Wisdom As Depicted In Homer's Odyssey

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Once upon a time, there lived a cunning woman named Charlotte. She had long brown hair that swept her shoulders and she had shining deep blue eyes and tan skin.
She lived on a perfect little island with lush green forests,shining rivers, and sandy beaches that smelled like the sea. It was called Ocleous. Throughout the village, Charlotte was known as the most intelligent person alive, almost as smart as Athena, the goddess of wisdom. If anyone had a problem, they would go the Charlotte. One day, an old woman came to her with a very hard riddle. “What belongs to you but others use more than you?” the woman asked.
Charlotte pondered the question and finally replied with, “My name.”
The woman looked at her with surprise, and she
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“Attention everyone,” she called to the gathering crowd, “I’m going to challenge Athena tomorrow at noon and I will …show more content…
I should be goddess of wisdom cause you are stupid,” she taunted.
“Why do we have a goddess of wisdom who is stupid?” Charlotte yelled to the crowd. Athena clenched her fists.
“YOU CHEATER!” she screamed, finally losing it, “YOU HAVE CHEATED AND YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR IT!”
In an instant, she turned to Charlotte, and with a swish of her hand turned her into a slimy blob. Athena, then stomped angrily off the stage and disappeared, on her way to Olympus.
Everyone stared at the blob on the stage and soon the crowd slowly started to go home. No one knew what to do with the blob so they left it. But high on Mount Olympus, Athena thought about what she had done and how she had turned at terrified person into something with no way to survive.
So, the next day she went back to Ocleous and searched the area, hoping that no one had moved her. Soon, she found her and knelt next to the blob.
She swished her hand over her twice and the blob started to grow eight long tentacles, eyes and a mouth. Feeling less guilty about what she had done she threw her into the crashing waves of the ocean.
Charlotte now lives in the salty sea as a small octopus with the rest of her family all thinking about what she had

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