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  • The Iliad

    Love has a relative meaning, that can be thought of differently between people. Love means different things to different people, and becomes more important as our world grows older. In the Iliad, love means different things to the couples in the book. The beliefs on love and loyalty to a partner in the Iliad seem to be completely different to that of our 21st century generation. For Zeus and Hera, love means a verbal agreement; Inside of their marriage, deception and backstabbing appear frequently. Opposite of them, Hector and Andromache show true love and care, as their marriage show true love and caring for each other– They truly love each other. Paris and Helen show that how loosely the term love can be used throughout life and how love…

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  • Morality In The Iliad

    great development, in fact, it is often referred to as the birthplace of western civilization. During this period there were many advancements as the Ancient Greek people began to explore topics such as philosophy, science, art, theatre and more. From Socrates and Plato to Herodotus and Euripides, the Greeks did great things that furthered thinking about life, the universe and beyond. Another major advancement was with regard to literature, with the first appearance of Homer’s iconic works.…

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  • Sacrifice In The Iliad

    was even mandatory, because a god would be upset at a human for whatever reason and arbitrarily decides to put a plague on them, their family, or their entire country, just because they felt like it, or sometimes in retribution. An example would be Apollo’s plague on the Greeks after they kidnapped his priest’s daughter, Chryseis. In The Iliad, the residents of Mount Olympus are no more or less flippant than usual, making the lives of the humans beneath them a constant hazard with their endless…

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  • Arrogance In The Iliad

    In the Iliad, written by Homer comes a great Epic written back in Ancient Greek time, no specific time period, around 750 B.C. The story starts about nine years after the Trojan War has started. We see many great characters in this story that express themselves throughout the story. Satterfield states, “Were our Iliad like the more traditional story apparently proposed in the poem, however, it would be a fundamentally different story. It would end before Achilles reenters the battle to kill 0;…

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  • Rage In The Iliad

    The rage are the first words in book one of Homer’s Iliad, which is appropriately titled “The Rage of Achilles”. Rage makes up the theme of the Iliad and guides the path in which the epic follows. In the Iliad, there are specific instances in which Achilles’ shows himself to be selfish and immoral when he is angry. Two specific instances occur when Achilles refuses to fight in the war, and when he mistreats Hector’s body. Achilles’ selfish and immoral rage begins after Agamemnon demands that…

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  • Motivation In The Iliad

    Mythology, saturated with stories of war, lust, and death gifted the world with the Iliad by Homer, an epic poem which includes the story of Troy’s noble prince Hektor. The Trojan hero fights against his sworn enemy, Achilles, in the tragic Trojan War. Though Hektor’s death is the climax of the poem, various questions arise ranging from why he chose to fight Achilles, to why the robust gods interjected exceedingly in the mortals lives. Modern-day reader miss the depth of plot line and content if…

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  • Achilles And The Iliad

    The literary artwork I will consider is The Iliad, an epic poem by the ancient Greek poet Homer in 750 BCE. I will compare both artworks and connect them to the contemporary period debating the similarities and differences that the poem and…

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  • Violence In The Iliad

    violence. One literary work that is notorious for presenting themes using violence would be Homer’s Iliad. The Iliad is an epic poem that defines Greek culture as many have said. This epic poem recounts the events of the Trojan war in Greek history. Many themes are presented in this epic through scenes of violence. Many different themes can be identified in Homer’s Iliad, when Achilles and Hector battle. One theme identified in Homer’s Iliad when Achilles and Hector battle,…

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  • Similes In The Iliad

    In his epic poem, The Iliad, Homer uses many similes that compare things from his war stories to things occurring in nature, like agriculture and oceans and great forest fires. He compares things like the shouting and eagerness of Greek troops to violently crashing waves (2.394-401) and throngs of troops to swarms of bees (2.87-94). By doing this, Homer uses detailed imagery and draws his readers/ listeners away from the brutality of the war and depicts scenes that are less transcendental and…

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  • Iliad Essay

    The Iliad in Our World For centuries humankind have fought wars; whether it was for power, justice, or for peace in their country. We know about the wars that have been fought before our existence thanks to the ones who documented them. Although for the Greeks, it was a different story. Around 1200 B.C.E. important cities of Greece were destroyed and burned leaving not much information of the civilization. They recuperated years after getting back on their feet. We are able to know about the…

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