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  • Character Analysis Of Hector In The Iliad

    In The Iliad written by Homer about Greek myth, Hector is a Trojan prince who keeps his commitment and never afraid of death in the war because he believes fate. He loves his family as much as himself. His wife wants him to stay with family, but nonetheless the reason why he still goes to the war is because he thinks it is ashamed if he does not join the war and hide behind Trojans by fear of death. In John Krakauer’s book Where Men Win Glory, real life famous football player Pat Tillman also loves his family as Hector does. He had everything people desire of, but he gave up his perfect rich life and left family behind just to join the war. He realized that fame is not important as much as saving people’s life and fight for his own country. The real hero is Hector and…

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  • Hector Nobel Peace Prize Analysis

    Alfred Nobel’s will, awards people who "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." In The Iliad by Homer there are many characters who are not deserving of anything and all they do is fight for glory and think about themselves. Hector is the leader of the Trojans and is their strongest warrior and he chooses to fight for his family and community over himself.…

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  • Achilles And Hector In The Iliad Character Analysis

    two great men, Achilles and Hector. The reader is introduced to their stories, and the greater story that their lives are a part of. This book is dedicated to the clashes between the Trojans and the Achaeans, and all the details behind the big picture. It has been nine years since the Trojan War, and a new fight has begun over a woman, once again. Emotions are flying high, and two proposed heroes arise. Through the development of the characters, the reader sees that although Achilles may have…

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  • Differences Between Achilles And Hector In The Iliad

    Trojans. Achilles and Hector are known as the greatest warriors of the Greeks and Trojans, respectively. This places both warriors against each other and predicts direct conflict between both of them. As both are such great warriors they are quite similar, however there are also major differences between them. These major differences include the circumstances each warrior is in, the characteristics of both warriors, and their own personal aspirations. In addition, these differences between…

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  • The Fate Of Hector And Achilles In Homer's The Iliad

    foil, Hector, during the span of only a couple bloody weeks of the lengthy Trojan War. Thousands of men sacrifice their lives at the cost of one Trojan’s selfish act of stealing Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, from the Greeks. Homer presents the recurring motif that the will of Zeus prevails regardless of man’s attempts to escape. The weight of the Greek hero and the Trojan leader’s fate lies on the scale of the thundering god of Olympus. Zeus orchestrates the actions of the…

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  • Relationship Between Hector And His Wife And Andromache

    The exchange between Hector and his wife, Andromache, adds a warm touch to Iliad. They treat each other with love, tenderness and respect; Homer depicts Hector as a family-orientated man. Andromache knows the drawbacks in Hector’s personality very well; in the dialogue, she points out that Hector is—“reckless” and has self-destroying “fiery courage”.(VI. 482) Despite being the mightiest warrior in the Trojan army, Hector is an imprudent leader, acting arbitrarily and failing to take other’s…

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  • Hector Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique 5th Movement

    Romanticism influenced the literature world, but by 1820s musicians started to adopt the style in their music as well. Hector Berlioz was a French composer during the Early Romantics period in the 1830s. He is most famously known for his piece “Symphony Fantastique” 5th Movement composed in 1830, where he tells about his own personal love for an Irish Actress, Harriet Smithson. Hector Berlioz was born on December 11th, 1803 in La Côte-Saint-André, to a dad named Louis-Joseph Berlioz and mother…

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  • Looted Art By Hector Feliciano: Article Analysis

    quest on expanding their colonies. How France would take over the arts of Spain during the Napoleon times. Wars would also bring dispersion of the arts. Because there is so much chaos involved in wars, people just steal what they can. Sometimes people would hide what they stole hoping to come back to it, but they in fact would also get killed and that art that was hidden would never be found. Because some of these major art works have been lost during the time some of the artists aren’t…

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  • Hector's Tragic Hero In The Iliad, By Homer

    In the Iliad, by Homer, it was said that Hector was fated to die no matter what choice he made. Hector was a mighty Trojan leader. During the war, Hector returned home and asked all the women to pray to Athena for the men fighting in the war. While he was home, he went to get Paris with the agenda to bring him back to the battlefield to fight. Once he arrived home, he realized his wife, Andromache, and son, Astyanax were not there. The house keeper explained to Hector that his wife went to…

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  • The Importance Of Pride In Homer's 'Iliad'

    Hector is outside the Gates of Troy waiting to fight Achilles. In Book XXII line 91-99 Priam is trying to convince Hector not to fight Achilles alone “Hector, my child, if ever I’ve smoothed you…Dogs will eat your body by the Greeks ships”. Hector himself has pride issues with facing Achilles he knows he will die. Even when Achilles arrived, Hector tries to make a pact with him in lines 277-285 Hector said “I’m not running anymore, Achilles…Only strip the armor and give the body back To the…

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