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  • The Pros And Cons Of Hedonism

    Discuss any objections to hedonism of which you are aware of and explain whether there is an alternative theory of well being that is preferable to hedonism. Within the following essay I will discuss objections to hedonism and I will further explain whether there is an alternative theory of well being that is preferable to hedonism. Firstly we have to identify what hedonism is, hedonism has been typically expressed by certain quotes as “Pleasure is the only thing worth seeking for its own sake”, “Pleasure is The Good” and “Pleasure alone is intrinsically good”. Hedonism talks about pleasure, however what is hedonism? According to G.M Moor, take pleasure to be a single, phenomenologically uniform, directly sensory feeling. According to hedonic pluralists, they think that feelings of many different sorts may correctly be called pleasures. One line of objection to hedonism is that perhaps there are some pleasures that are “bad”. Example: the pleasure that a person gets from slowly torturing people. Such things, as we would morally say, should not get counted as “intrinsically valuable”. Some of the objections to hedonism are:  Pleasure is not the only source of intrinsic value: This is one of the most frequent argument against…

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  • Hedonism Happiness

    I will be arguing that Happiness is the only thing of intrinsic value in human life by proving hedonism is true. Hedonism believes that in life the highest goal is happiness. I will use be using different explanations about personal experiences, experiences of others, and hedonism to explain why happiness is the only thing of intrinsic value in human life. These explanations will show that each decision we make, we make based on the happiness and pleasure they will bring to our lives therefore…

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  • Default Hedonism Definition

    In his book, Pleasure and the Good Life, Fred Feldman introduces an idea known as Default Hedonism. Default hedonism can be broken down into three separate claims that tie together in a single formula. Before default hedonism is defined, Feldman shares that some assumptions about pleasure and pain should be made. The first two assumptions address pleasure. The first assumption is that pleasures are certain feelings or sensations that result in an “episode.” According to Feldman, “episodes” have…

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  • Examples Of Moral Hedonism

    2. (515) Value hedonism is defined as a “theory of intrinsic value according to which only states of pleasure possess positive intrinsic value (intrinsically good) and only states of pain poses negative intrinsic value (intrinsically bad or evil. This value of hedonistic utilitarianism” (Timmons). ‘Hedonism’ is recognized as ‘pleasure’ in ancient Greek terms. In other simpler terms, the value hedonism orders that pain or pleasure is the basis of a person’s ethical standards. If it brings pain…

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  • Dorian Gray Hedonism Analysis

    The yellow book became as a guidance of hedonism for Dorian Gray. It represented the profound and damaging influence that pleasure can have on the essence of an individual and serves as a warning to those who cease to surrender themselves to pleasures: “Dorian Gray had been poisoned by a book. There were moments when he looked on evil simply as a mode through which he could realize his conception of the beautiful” (124). It symbolizes the backbone of his life; an influence he could not break…

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  • John Stuart Mill Hedonism Analysis

    The ideology of hedonism implies that the only true intrinsic value that exists for man is the mental state of pleasure. Everything else can only contain extrinsic value which can influence our intrinsic value. For example, eating an ice cream cone has an extrinsic value which leads to a person getting pleasure and hence have an immediate impact on the intrinsic value. This means that the way a person chooses their actions is which will be the source of the biggest intrinsic happiness and away…

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  • Mill And Mill's Argument: An Analysis Of Hedonism

    Introduction In the paper I am going to analyze the competent judges argument. First I am going to explain what hedonism is then I am going to explain what the satisfied pig objection is and demonstrate both views on it from Bentham and Mills perspective. I will then talk about why I agree with Mill and his view on humans striving for a higher pleasure. Overall Mill’s explanation of hedonism is superior to Bentham’s because it provides a reason for humans constantly seeking greater happiness…

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  • The Experience Machine By Robert Nozick Arguments Against Hedonism

    In this paper, I will prove that Robert Nozick’s “The Experience Machine” is an argument against Hedonism. Hedonism consists of the only things desirable in the end, which are pleasure and freedom from pains. Nozick's aim in discussing the experience machine is to create a thought experiment that sheds light on what we value in life, which illustrates the argument: Is it better for us to have the experience of being great or is it better for us to be great? Hedonism: the that pleasure, or…

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  • Christian Hedonism In The Case Of St. Augustine's Confessions

    In the case of St. Augustine’s Confessions, I would believe that every individual that was able to discover and analyze the text could come to some form of conclusion whether or not Augustine ceased to pursuit of pleasure at the end of his conversion. With the context that was provided through the text along with the Piper’s article on Christian Hedonism, in my personal judgment, I came to the conclusion that Augustine did not cease his pursuit of pleasure after being converted, but would say…

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  • Essay On Nozick's Experience Machine

    This paper looks to discuss Nozick’s experience machine. The paper begins by reconstructing Nozick’s experiment, and explains its consequences. The paper then argues that the experiment is actually consistent with hedonism, as by expanding on the definition of pleasure we see that by not plugging in we are actually doing the more pleasurable act. Nozick experiment asks us to imagine a machine that once connected to allows for us to experience the greatest possible pleasures. The machine then…

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