Mill And Mill's Argument: An Analysis Of Hedonism

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In the paper I am going to analyze the competent judges argument. First I am going to explain what hedonism is then I am going to explain what the satisfied pig objection is and demonstrate both views on it from Bentham and Mills perspective. I will then talk about why I agree with Mill and his view on humans striving for a higher pleasure. Overall Mill’s explanation of hedonism is superior to Bentham’s because it provides a reason for humans constantly seeking greater happiness and thus humans constantly improving as a species.

First I will start off with defining what hedonism is. Hedonism is an ethical theory that states that in order to have a good life it must be filled with pleasure and avoid having pain.(Shipley
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They are satisfied purely out of animal instinct and not because of cognition. Humans on the other hand actually do think and because they have a conscience and are able to recognize what gives them happiness. Premise two and three say that humans are harder to please because a pig can be satisfied with just rolling in the mud while humans are always trying to find something that makes them happier. Therefore Mill thinks it’s a good thing we are not satisfied because it drives us to look for better pleasures. So although we may not always be satisfied like a pig we experience deeper pleasure and …show more content…
Consequently, the distinctly human pleasures are preferred by competent judges over the pleasures available to lower animals. 5. Therefore, the higher pleasures of aesthetic appreciation, moral reflection, and intellectual engagement are superior in quality to the purely sensuous pleasures.
Following this further Mill believes that there are different types of pleasures and that each pleasure is inseparable from its cause. According to Mill each pleasure is unique and of different quality based on what caused it. All creatures possess basic pleasures such as sleep and sex. Humans also possess these pleasures but they also possess more intelligent pleasures such as music and art. If a majority of humans prefer one pleasure over another then that pleasure is of superior quality to its counterpart.

Mill argues that because we are more intelligent creatures we have a deeper understanding of pleasure and thus can experience a greater joy. He argues that not all pleasures can possibly be the same because if they were then all humans would wish to be lower creatures.
Mill’s point is that we are more than swine looking for simple pleasure. As more intelligent creatures we are looking for greater fulfillment found in higher pleasures such as art and

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