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  • The Aeneid Suffering Analysis

    The Importance of Suffering The Aeneid by Virgil is an epic story about a man's struggles and adventures to found Rome. Aeneas, son of Anchises and Venus, is the protagonist throughout The Aeneid. Throughout this epic there is many books that tell the story about how Aeneas finds and founds his new homeland after Troy, his original homeland, is destroyed. Throughout his adventure he ends up in Carthage. Little does he know there would be an impactful woman by the name of Dido. Dido, the Phoenician exile and strong independent queen of Carthage is pushed into suffering from several different happenings and they turned her into less than what her potential is. Dido's brother, Pygmalion, contributed to the suffering because he has shown how fate is always inevitable and how suffering is important throughout Didos introduction through Book One of The Aeneid. “But her brother held power in Tyre- Pygmalion, a monster, the vilest man alive. A murderous feud broke out between both men. Pygmalion, catching Sychaeus off guard at the altar, slaughtered him in blood” (The Aeneid 1.421-425). Sychaeus, the richest man in Tyre, who is also Dido's old husband was the start of suffering for Dido. The significance of Sychaeus being the first is that the…

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  • Arthur Schopenhauer Suffering

    In his essays titled “On the Vanity of Existence”, “The World as Will and Representation”, and “On the sufferings of the world”, Arthur Schopenhauer discusses the inevitability of suffering in life, what causes it, and what we can do to ease it. In this case the suffering refers to our constant un-satisfaction with our lives because of our need to always have and want more. Throughout this essay I am going to be answering the questions of why suffering is inevitable and what we can do to ease…

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  • The Four Stages Of Suffering

    Krishna in Bhagvad Gita says, "Four types of virtuous devotees worship me: the distressed; the seekers of wealth; the one who seeks knowledge of God; and the Jnani (wise)." A distressed person is the one who has never yet given a serious thought about God. And hence there comes a time in his life when he suffers a tremendous amount of suffering. This is a result of his or her previous Karma. And then, his suffering alleviates day by day by performing even more Karma. Eventually at some stage in…

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  • Personal Suffering Analysis

    For awhile, I contemplated the meaning of suffering and tried to find something in my life that went along with the aspect of what one would consider suffering. Then, I realized that I did not have to do that because what I consider personal suffering may not be the same as someone else. I pondered on what to write about, what would catch your attention the most, or what would help you relate to me because that is what the best writing does. What should I write about, I asked myself. Should I…

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  • Suffering Make Sense

    Is suffering supposed to make sense? Why do we suffer? At first this question seems intuitive. However, after the first spontaneous outburst of answers, we start to question why there is suffering in the world and how we can make sense of it. Generally, when these ultimate questions are asked we tend to assert conclusions based on God or our personal values. It goes beyond that. Religion provides a guideline for these questions, and our values are extremely important for a sense of identity,…

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  • An Essay On The Benefits Of Suffering

    Depending on the perspective of the individual suffering can either prove beneficial or futile. Personally, I feel that suffering is beneficial as it can teach an individual about themselves, the world, and if so inclined, bring them closer to God. Suffering teaches a person to avoid painful stimuli and thus injury or death. Suffering teaches a person compassion and humility, and thus they develop more meaningful and productive relationships. Suffering teaches an individual that their time…

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  • Death And Suffering In Poetry

    Introduction In the essay I will explore the way poets teach the reader about death and suffering. Death is something that is often used in poetry as it something everyone can relate to, it is something that is inevitably going to happen to everyone. It is also something that everyone must experience at some time in their lives; the death of a loved one, of a family member or friend. This means that everyone is able to empathise on some level with the poetry and can understand what the writer…

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  • Pain And Suffering In 'The Giver'

    Will he live or be lost? The Giver is an interesting movie with a young man named Jonas. He lives with his father and mother and sister lily. The Giver is a novel that copies the world today. Jonas and all the other 12 year olds in his world are given jobs. He, among them, is given the most important job of receiving all the memories of the world. He learns that there is actually color and truth about his world. It copies the world today because the whole point is that when your 12 in that world…

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  • Meaning Of Suffering Analysis

    1.4.3. The Meaning of Suffering Suffering is a primeval problem. From the very beginning of humanity itself the face of man is marked with wrinkles. Men of all ages have tried to solve this problem or at least to smoothen it. Man wants to be happy and what hinders his happiness most is suffering, of one or other form. Something that which curtails man’s easiness or joy may be called suffering. If suffering is a problem and it must be solved some way. But if it is not, suffering is to be taken…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Power Of Suffering

    yet you call yourself smart, who is your teacher? For he who has endured pain and suffering beholds the power of perseverance, character, strength and hope, he is the best teacher. Suffering is defined as the state of undergoing pain, distress or even hardship, it is derived from the Latin word ‘sufferre’, sub- ‘from below’ and ferre ‘to bear’. Through suffering we learn life lessons about ourselves, about the world and even about God. However, it is often asked why would God create a world in…

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