Helen Keller

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  • Helen Keller

    written by Helen Keller was published in the year 1903 in the form of an autobiography describing about her early life, education, life struggles and specially her experiences with her teacher Miss Anne Mansfield Sullivan. Helen Keller wrote this book to honor the inventor of the telephone and a teacher of the deaf, Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander helps the Keller family to find a suitable teacher for Helen and also becomes a good friend of her. As a child, she seems to be an impatient, stubborn, aggressive and had cut off from a world she cannot understand. But later she is turned into a much more mature, determined, insatiably curious and optimistic adult who refuse to be halted by disabilities of any sort with the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan who is as stubborn and willful as Helen. With her persistently devoting and creative nature, she is able to break through Helen emotionally and intellectually. Anne, soon became the best companion that she ever had even though her younger sister Mildred Keller who Helen first regarded as an intruder but eventually they became playmates. Helen explained in this book that she was able to transform herself from a dependent child almost wholly without language to an accomplished and successful…

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  • Helen Keller: A Hero

    Helen Keller is a hero to many people around the world and especially the disabled community. She was a fighter and did not let her blindness or deafness get in the way of her life and success. She worked hard to overcome her obstacles and then also became an activist. As an activist she helped and influenced disabled people to be courageous like her. She made effort to change the system for disabled people, socially and politically. She proved to the world that being disabled does not mean…

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  • Struggles Of Helen Keller

    THE STRUGGLES HELEN KELLER OVERCAME Helen Keller is a remarkable woman. She was put through so much in her life and overcame obstacles that some might not understand. Reading her books and hearing the stories about how she slept and night and tossed and turned, it will give you a different perspective. Her life was filled with silence and darkness until Anne came along. Their friendship grew and grew; Anne helped Helen through her darkest hours and Helen did the same in return. Helen…

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  • Helen Keller: A Historical Heroine

    heroine- Helen Keller Helen Keller born June 27, 1880 was an American author,and political activist. However, what makes her different is she was the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.[ The life of Helen Keller". Royal National Institute of Blind People. November 20, 2008. Accessed November 9, 2015 ] she was born with full sight and hearing, however Helen fell ill from possibly scarlet fever or meningitis. It was after her illness that her mother realised that Helen…

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  • How To Describe Helen Keller

    Keller She was deaf and blind Smart, activist, and wise, are three things that describe Helen Keller. Many people Know that Helen how she taught her and how she taught her lessons. They would go to were helen was born and that is were they would start their lesson.While Mrs.Annie taught the lesson and helen learned it Helen would sometimes run into bumps along the way. Other things they did together. Helen and Mrs.Annie travel together/places and got to meet important people.…

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  • Helen Keller Quote Analysis

    When Helen was only a baby the doctors realized that she was blind and deaf. There was little hope she would ever be able to communicate with others. Thankfully, her teacher Anne Sullivan, was able to teach Helen how to “talk” with her hands. Anne taught Helen how to spell using her fingers. Through the process of teaching Helen Keller how to “speak”, Helen would become frustrated, wanting to give up. Yet, both the teacher and Helen never gave up on each other or themselves. They were both…

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  • Helen Keller: A Strong Believer

    Helen Keller A Strong Believer Strong, brave, and inspiring are three words that people think of when they hear the name Helen Keller. Helen Keller changed the world by being an inspiration to people all around the world. She showed the world that having a disability doesn’t stop you from doing great things. She proved this by becoming part of important organizations, going to college, and spreading her knowledge to the world in talks and lectures. She left a legacy as a strong believer. The…

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  • Helen Keller Rhetorical Devices

    The second assignment is very interesting it is about rhetorical analysis . In this assignment, there are two essay we have to read , both of these articles have a same points and share same stories to influence an audience but in different style of writing. Helen Keller, the important day and another one called my left foot by Christy Brown wrote the first article. Both of the authors Both of these authors use rhetorical appeals that include logos, ethos, and pathos, to help the readers…

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  • Helen Keller: The Struggle For Women's Rights

    Helen Keller was an educator, journalist, activist, humanitarian, and author. She was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in the year 1880 and died in 1968 at the age of 87. Helen Keller was not only blind but deaf as well. She went blind, deaf, and mute at eighteen months after becoming ill. At the time, doctors said that Keller contracted an illness called “brain fever.” Now specialists believe that it may have been scarlet fever or meningitis. Although Helen was diagnosed with these disabilities, she…

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  • Helen Keller: The Story Of My Life

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR Helen Keller was an author, lecturer, and crusader for the handicapped. Born physically normal in Tuscumbia, Alabama, Keller lost her sight and hearing at the age of nineteen months to an illness now believed to have been scarlet fever. Through her teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan’s extraordinary instruction, the little girl learned to understand and communicate with the world around her. She went on to acquire an excellent education and to become an important influence on the…

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