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  • Fine Tuned Universe Argument

    A British astronomer Fred Hoyle discovered that vital heavy elements can be built inside stars only because a carbon-12 nucleus can be made from the fusion of 3 helium nuclei. For the reaction to proceed, carbon-12 must match the energy level of the 3 helium nuclei when the fusion takes place.(Chown) This has been used as an example for the Fine Tuned argument. However, in 1989, astrophysicist Mario Livio showed that the carbon-12 energy level could have actually been significantly different and still resulted in a universe with the heavy elements needed for life. (Chown) Although I have no reason to say an astrophysicist is wrong, I have no good evidence or reason to believe they are…

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  • Nuclear Radiation Essay

    together then having too many means there pushing others off the particles as there are too many attached to the main atom for them to share.Beta particles are formed when the neutron decays and forms an antineutrino particle which contains neutron and a few protons this then leaves a negatively charged beta particle due to the lack of neutrons to hold the particles together which will, in turn, throw the balance of the particles off making it unstable.Beta particles are shown by the symbol…

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  • Dmitri Mendeleev's Creation Of Elements In Our Universe

    and helium along with trace amounts of lithium and beryllium along side. After only a couple of minutes it had cooled enough for protons and neutrons to combine into a nuclei, this is known as the time of nucleosynthesis which is the cosmic formation of atoms more complex than the hydrogen atom itself. Hundreds of millions of years later in nebula, A cloud of cosmic gases, the hydrogen gas clouds merge and, under gravity, form protostars in which started the process of creating stars which in…

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  • Examples Of Engineering Disasters

    created the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg burst into flames nearly eighty years ago. With its destruction, so went the production of passenger airships. The ship was originally viewed as an engineering marvel, a vehicle that could transport people over oceans faster and more comfortably than any boat could. At the time, airships such as blimps were able to fly due to the filling of hydrogen gas inside of it. Hydrogen is the lightest element, making it a viable choice in order for an…

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  • Helium Research Paper

    Helium is the second element in the periodic table. Its period number is 1 and it is apart of group number: 18. The group that Helium falls under is the Noble Gases. The element has an atomic number of 2, an atomic mass of 4 and is classified as a non-metal. It is the second most abundant element in the universe. Helium was discovered on the sun before it was found on the earth. In 1895, Pierre-Jules-César Janssen, a French astronomer and Norman Lockyer, an English astronomer both who discovered…

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  • Helium: The Most Prominent Element In The Universe

    Even though helium (He) is the second most abundant element in the universe, it is the most important element. First, let me provide you with some information about helium and its history Helium was first discovered in the sun and not the earth. In 1868, astronomer Pierre Janssen found this gas while watching the colors when the sun was going thru a full solar eclipse. Since the Greek word for sun is helios, he named the gas helium. It was not until 1895 that helium was discovered on earth…

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  • Superfluid Helium Or He II: Landau-Tisza Model

    Superfluid helium or He II is a macroscopic quantum fluid that exhibits extraordinary properties. %By applying the limit of low flow velocities, The behavior of the fluid can be understood using a Landau - Tisza model, where He II is considered to be a two-component fluid with independent velocity fields: the inviscid superfluid of density $\rho_s$, and the normal fluid of density $\rho_n$, where the total density $\rho$ = $\rho_s$ + $\rho_n$ \cite{Tisza,Landau}. The superfluid has neither…

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  • Lung Function Test Essay

    Helium concentration is measured until an equilibrium is reached between in and exhaled air. This calculates the change in helium concentration that has occurred and indicates the equilibration of gas volume in the lungs. This test measures Functional Residual Capacity (www.merckmanuals.com,…

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  • Star Formations: The Formation Of Stars

    hydrogen and helium collapse because of conjoint gravity. The spark of the collapse could have been caused by a galaxy collision, or the shockwave of a neighboring supernova. This collapse causes the cloud to break into fragments. These fragments start to grow as more and more molecules start to attach creating a protostar. The new star starts to increase in temperature, because of the switch from gravitational energy to kinetic energy. The start hasn 't yet gone through nuclear fusion making…

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  • Applications Of Archimedes's Principle

    lower density than the surrounding cool air. As a result, when the buoyant force produced is higher than the weight of the balloon, the balloon will start rising up. To lower the hot air balloon, the balloon operator would either stop firing the burner or open a small air gap at the top of the hot air balloon envelope. As a result, hot air will be released and it decreases the buoyant force, which subsequently cause the balloon to descend. Varying the temperature of the air in the hot air…

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