Ionizing radiation

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  • The Dangers Of Exposure To Ionizing Radiation

    Exposure to ionizing radiation can happen internally or externally. Internal exposure may result by “inhalation, ingestion or through the bloodstream”. External exposure can transpire by breathing in “airborne radioactive Material”. Other external sources to ionizing radiation are cause by medical radiation through the imaging department. This medical procedures include x-rays for diagnosing and treatment, and even research. Gamma rays are also use by medical doctors to create radioactive tracers, that allows them explore a patient’s body without having to perform surgery. Gamma rays are also use to treat different types of cancers and tumors. Although, gamma rays have the capability to target and eradicate cancer cells they can also damage…

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  • Radiation In High School

    In this project we were meant to study the amount of radiation the students of Chavez High School are exposed to. The amount of radiation was accumulated through a survey that was handed out to each grade level and according to their responses we would sum up the total and give an average of how much radiation intake each student could possibly have. This research project was done so as to give us a taste of the type of research work we would have when/if we are at college. We were meant to take…

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  • Essay On Radiography

    University of Wurzburg. Radiographs are produced through the use of radiation. There are three different types of radiation. These include PRIMARY RADIATION, REMNANT RADIATION, and SCATTER RADIATION. Primary is the radiation that leaves the tube, remnant is the “exit radiation” that passes through the image receptor, and scatter has less energy as primary but is less controlled. The patient is the primary source of scatter and causes the unnecessary exposure of radiation known as SCATTER…

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  • Interventional Radiology Essay

    1.0 INTRODUCTION It is known that radiation can be very harmful to a person’s health. According to Marshall and Keene (2006:1), with the recent expansion of diagnostic and interventional radiology, it has been noted that an alarming dose of radiation can be administered to a patient, in a single scan, without having to repeat a procedure. With the evolution of radiography, interventional radiology has become a norm in the diagnosis protocol and it is therefore important to understand the concept…

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  • Radiation Safety Research Paper

    To understand radiation safety, one must first be familiar with the term radiation. Simply put, radiation may be defined as energy traveling through space as waves or high speed particles. There are two types of radiation, ionizing and non-ionizing (e.g. Heat, visible light), they are differentiated by how they interact with matter. Non- ionizing radiation is essential to life, but excessive exposures can cause tissue damage. Ionizing radiation has sufficient energy to ionize atoms and…

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  • Proon Radiation Therapy Research Paper

    In the stages of prostate cancer (localized, regional and distant) both conventional and hadron radiation therapy have its benefits when compared to one another; but both offer a different form of treatment. Currently proton therapy is one of the most technologically advanced treatment for cancer. In proton therapy, protons are split form a hydrogen atom and accelerated to roughly two thirds the speed of light; transported along an evacuated tube into the treatment rooms. Then administered to…

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  • Unit 1 Radioactive Decay

    which causes it to lose energy this because of radiation, for example there three main types of radioactive decay alpha, beta, and gamma particle. If a material has unstable nuclei it would be considered as radioactive. If an atom has emitted an alpha, or beta radiation it nucleus would change and become an nucleus of an different element. This would be because the number of protons in the nucleus would determine which element belongs to which one. An example would be Uranium-230 nuclei emit…

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  • Fukushima And Domino Effect

    Eighteen-thousand people lost their lives on March 11th, 2011 due to the triple disaster in Japan. An earthquake, tsunami, and three meltdowns caused the explosion of a nuclear power plant in Japan. The event was tragic, and out of the control of the workers at Fukushima Daiichi power. Despite certain exposure to radiation fifty brave and selfless workers stayed behind in efforts to control the devastating situation, and seven-hundred and fifty workers were evacuated. In addition to the 50…

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  • Space Radiation Research Paper

    astronauts experience different kind of radiation. These radiation may be some ionized particles as electromagnetic waves traveling with high speed and energy. They could come from nearby stars or even from those that are light-years away. Some of them has higher permeability when they are transmitting in the vacuum. Astronauts’ over exposure to the radiation during the long-term space travel can cause unfavorable effects on health and even…

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  • Radiation Lab

    In conducting this experiment, the hope was to identify if there was a relationship between distance from a radioactive source and its radioactivity. Within this radiation lab experiment, we put the following hypothesis to the test: If the distance from the source, in centimeters, is increased then the Ionizing Radiation does is expected to decrease because the radiation decreases as it gets farther away from the radiation emitter, due to the loss of energy from the radioactive particles as…

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