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  • Similarities And Differences Of Drake University And Iowa State University

    Introduction Differing in structure, governance, and mission, Drake University and Iowa State University are each successful institution. Located only 45 miles from one another, in Central Iowa, these schools are structured to serve their student population, to contribute to society, and to fulfill their own mission statement. This report will review each institution and critically compare their similarities and differences. It will cover the schools mission, culture, administrational differences, organizational structure, and governance. Through this critical analysis an organizational pattern will appear. Institutional Overviews Drake University is a four-year, private university. In the Carnegie classification they are considered a Master’s…

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  • Communication And Interviews: My Interview With Abbie

    Communications/Interviews 1. I interviewed my friend Abbie on 11/17/16 in person. I was very comfortable interviewing her because she is a very laid back and honest person. I interviewed my mom, Kelly Meader, on 11/25/16 in person. I was very comfortable interviewing my mom because we have a close relationship and I’m able to talk to her about various subjects. Interviewee who is in Adolescence or Emerging/Young Adulthood Demographic Information 1. I interviewed my friend Abbie Schaefer. 2. She…

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  • Eulogy Of John Papa John

    started off his lecture by giving us a little bit about his background. He is originally from Greece; he is an immigrant and takes pride in it. Him and his mother came to America on a boat with his mother speaking no English. He grew up in Mason City, Iowa where he started kindergarten. He said he failed kindergarten twice, mainly because he didn’t know much English. Childhood: In Mason City he lived with a diverse group of people. His dad owned a grocery store here during the depression and…

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  • President Leath's Violation At The Iowa Board Of Regents

    Bruce Rastetter said during a meeting at the University of Northern Iowa that he was extremely disappointed in Leath’s potential misuse of the planes and that “additional action is warranted.” Rastetter called Leath a successful president during his five-year tenure but said regents must “ensure that our universities are run in a manner that the people of Iowa expect and demand.” The board’s audit committee voted to order its internal auditor to review flights that Leath had and that the report…

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  • Palmer Museum Case Study

    Making the decision to go out of state or in state or stay in state is probably one of the toughest you will make. Should I be staying in state or would it be my best bet as to go out of state taking some risks hoping for success. Take time to think about what you really want to do, because once you decide it’s not to easy to switch up. Attractions, activities, the environment, and cost are big role players when it comes to moving away for college. Go through a thought process before making…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Note On AAU State Volleyball

    AAU State Volleyball Have you ever been to a State volleyball tournament? Well, I have. When you would enter the gym, all you would hear is young teenage girls screaming and cheering. It was the best experience I have ever had. If I had the choice to go back to those few days, I would in a heartbeat. In order for us to go to state, we had to play in a tournament. We played every team that was there. When we got to the very last game, we had to play Western Christian. The game was going…

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  • My Choice In My Life

    own. I have a very big dilemma on my hands when it comes to the college decision. I am currently choosing between attending Northwest Missouri State University and attending Iowa State University. I have many different factors to consider when I am choosing. My top three factors are the cost of tuition, size of the college and the town that that college is in, and how many people I will know on campus. Tuition is a very important to me personally. I do not want to have to spend half of my life…

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  • Bioswale Case Study

    Introduction Drake University is a private, mid-sized, co-educational college located in Des Moines, Iowa. The campus is on a 150-acre property that has 84 buildings, 35 associated parking lots and is interspersed with multiple green spaces and commons. Drake University’s enrollment is increasing yearly and is continuing to incorporate new programs, which has sparked the need for new buildings and renovations. As development occurs, stormwater management has become an increasing concern in…

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  • College Students With Disabilities Case Study

    environment on campus are: 1. Iowa State University is a public university who has to abide by the Rehabilitation Act. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 states that institutions must create access to facilities and activities accommodating to everyone (Johnson, 2011). Access to facilities in this case is a challenge for students with orthopedic disabilities due to older residence halls. Iowa State…

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  • Reflective Essay On My Cultural Bubble In Education

    their one year old, Avi. Through chatting and dinner, I learned a lot about this family. Sadrac grew up in Nicaragua where he also got the education to be a kindergarten through twelfth grade English as a Second Language teacher. This being one of my options as an Elementary Education major at Iowa State University, I was very interested in what he had to say about the profession. After an extremely helpful talk, I learned that Sadrac made some of the best connections with his English Language…

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