Internal audit

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  • Internal Audit Case Study

    between internal audit and senior management, and specifically focuses on the gap of perceptions and expectations of the value of internal audit function in monitoring of fraud prevention with respect to each other in New Zealand context. 1.0 Literature / Past Research Review As Norwani et al (2011) mentioned, corporate governance is one of the most important elements in identifying company’s strengths and functions. There are four key mechanisms of corporate governance,…

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  • Costco Internal Audit Report

    COSTCO’s Internal Audit To: Management From: Audit Committee Date: December 6, 2015 Subject: Internal Audit The purpose of the internal audit is to protect Costco's assets through evaluating the acceptability and efficiency of internal controls; recognizing areas of possible risk, revenue improvement and/or cost reductions; and making sure transactions are authorized, completed, and logged as proposed. Costco normally knows sales, net of probable returns and at the period the member takes…

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  • Internal Security Audits

    The Veteran Affair’s Office of Information & Technology Risk Management Team is performing an overview of internal security audit to determine how the Department of Veterans Affairs follows the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability of Act demands that all HIPAA covered businesses prevent unauthorized access to “Protected Health Information” or PHI. PHI includes patients’ names, addresses, and all information…

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  • Ethical Accounting Professionals

    (2012) examined the study of Brown (2005), Gramling (2004), Maroney and McDevitt (2008), and Sweeney 2010) to analyze the influence of moral intensity and ethics on the decision-making in accounting. The moral intensity is the most dominant factor that increases the effect of the combined power of internal audit functions and management ethics on financial decisions, reporting, and disclosure (pp. 352-353). Arel et al. agreed with Trevino 1(986) and Prawitt (2009) that numerous factors influence…

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  • Organizational Culture And Identity: A Case Study

    Usually, internal audit reports from the Quality Assurance Departments are tabled at management meetings or at Board of Directors meetings whilst the reports from the Internal Audit Departments are tabled to the Audit Committee. These differing organizational and reporting structures may have the potential to create barriers to organizational excellence and impede the effectiveness of corporate governance. One such barrier has been identified as dysfunctional organizational politics, which have…

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  • FIFA Corruption Scandal Report

    downside is that the comments and posts on these blogs were not current for 2016. Many of the comments were posted roughly around the exact same time, there was not a lot of flexibility in dates of the posted material. Once I found these blogs, I checked them once a day for about a week. They didn’t change at all. There were never any new posts or comments within them. One of the blogs was posted by the common known website, BBC News. The other two were posted by websites I never really heard of…

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  • Importance Of COSO Erm

    productivity (c) effective internal and external reporting, financial and non-financial (d) compliance with applicable laws and regulation. The COSO framework does not only reflect the assessment of hard controls such as authorization, supervisory and segregation of duties, but also soft controls like the competence and professionalism of employees, integrity and ethical values of staff, the philosophy and operating style of management, and the efficiency of…

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  • Summary: The Accounting Information System

    The automated system carries with it some confidential data and information, which may be compromised if proper protection measures are not adhered to. These threats and risks are associated with both internal and external forces. However, in most instances this threats and risks have been greatly been linked with internal sources and mainly due to human doings rather than natural forces. A small mistake such as bad or accidental entry made by the employees may be attributed to causing enormous…

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  • ISO 9001 Audit Report

    This is a progress report on our preparation for the ISO 9001 Audit in September and the best corrective action for the errors encountered and maintain preventive actions in all areas. Summary As of May 8,2018, Atticus Radley has approved our proposal to fix errors that hinder the company from passing the NQA audit for the ISO 9001 certification. All of the areas in FD that are under the ISO 9001 order have been audited internally to be ready for the external audit by NQA in September. The…

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  • Importance Of An Internal Auditor

    decided that would be best for me would be an Internal Auditor. Many question why I would enter in this line of work. I use to ask myself this very same question. After eight years of being in the financial field, I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else. I have a real passion for this line of work and it’s very interesting, actually. After the assessments the class completed, I noticed my scores were the highest in management and financial careers. This was the confirmation I was looking…

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