Internal validity

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  • Internal Validity

    One of the key criteria addressed by positivist researchers is that of internal validity, in which they seek to ensure that their study measures or tests what is actually intended. According to Merriam (1998), the qualitative investigator’s equivalent concept is analogous to internal validity and deals with the question: “How congruent are the research findings with reality. However, according to the philosophy underlying qualitative research, reality is relative to meaning that people construct within social contexts. Frequent debriefing sessions between the researcher and his supervisor were important in ensuring credibility of the research process. Through discussion, the vision of the investigator was widened so as other bring to bear other experiences and perceptions. Such Collaborative sessions were used to discuss alternative approaches, and those responsible for the supervision of the study were able to draw attention to flaws in the proposed course of action. The meetings also provided an avenue for the researcher to test his developing ideas and interpretations and allowed for the recognition of his own biases and preferences. Opportunities for scrutiny of the study by colleagues, peers and other academics were engaged in by the researcher, particularly through…

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  • Internal Validity Essay

    1. Can a researcher prove conclusively that a study has internal validity? Explain No. it is impossible to prove conclusively that a study has internal validity. This is because there are many threats to internal validity and it is sometime difficult to control all of them, especially the loss of subjects. 2. In chapter 6, we discussed the concept of external validity. In what ways, if any, are internal and external validity related? Can a study have internal validity but not external…

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  • Perception In Psychopathology

    To find participants, they recruited university students from college campuses. In surveying this particular group, the issue of generalizing results from WEIRD participants to other populations arises. As we learned in Dr. Cheung’s class, this privileged demographic represents only about 12% of the world’s population, therefore limiting the potential for external validity, as it is a non-representative sample. In discussing the recruitment of participants, this also calls into question their…

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  • Donald Trump's Deportation Study

    The small number of 132 participants does not represent the estimated 5.3 million US citizen children living with an undocumented parent. The small sample is a threat to the external validity of the study. It is important to note that this study does not represent a homogenous group. The sample is considered to be a convenience sample and cannot be echoed as a representative of the Latino immigrant community. Overgeneralization needs to be prevented because the sample does not represent an…

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  • Quasi Study Arbitrarily

    those who are working in the research program learn that only they are being given weekly quizzes, they may react very defiantly and feel they are being discriminated against. This phenomenon would tend to result in an equalization of the research results that can make it far more difficult for an investigator to determine their ultimate results (Trochim & Donnelly, 2008, p. 171). If a researcher chooses to use a research design that is with only one group, it is not possible to draw…

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  • Essay On Orangutans

    results were similar to humans recalling familiar faces of high school class mates after a quarter century. This study had some conflicting issues that could hinder some aspects of internal validity. The researchers were limited with some stimulus that could potentially skew the data. The pictures shown to the orangutans were unequal and were different for the male and females. Borneo, the male, was shown an image of himself and only was shown two images of subjects seen only once a month…

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  • Importance Of Threats In Research

    1. Name and describe at least 5 threats to validity (ea. threat accurately described is worth 2 points up to a possible 16 points). History threat- This occurs when the study outcome is affected by some historical event. If a specific event or chain of events does transpire during the time when a treatment is administered and it affects the observations it is a threat to the internal validity. Often times there is no way of determining if the historical event(s) or the treatment accounts for…

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  • External Validity

    Internal validity addresses causal relationships between factors. Focusing on the test and having strong control over the environment can produce a more detailed understanding of the responses (Moskal & Leydens, 2000). For example, the survey must be given in an environment that does not resemble test taking facilities. The environment should be calm and casual. If the participant is taking a survey on test anxiety and is in a rigid environment they may feel those unnatural conditions and they…

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  • Social Political Issue Analysis

    These are set issues that are always at heart of external validity, and that will set the tone for trustworthy results that can play a key role when sharing certain thoughts or opinions. Validity can be divided into two; external and internal validity. Internal validity refers to the consistency of variables at an internal level that whether the results represent the claims provided while external validity refers to evaluating a sample that is far away or not associated with sample study. Both…

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  • Domestic Assault Case Study

    related to the topic. Plausible Alternative Explanations of the Results One of the most influential and problematic issues was found in this study is the attrition of the officers. The study began with 33 officers but around half of them stopped attending the meeting and turning cases which forced the authors to add 18 officers. The study was designed to gather around 300 reports (cases) in 12 months; however, with this issue it lasted around 18 months. It is known that the attrition problem…

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