Donald Trump's Deportation Study

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The Distress of Citizen-Children with Detained and Deported Parents
The recent election of Donald Trump came as a shock to many Americans and people around the world. Trump’s deportation plan affects our communities and the lives of the 81 million immigrant that reside in the United States (Koball, Hooker, Capps, Pedroza, Perreira, Monson, Campetella. & Huerta, 2015). His election has plunged the undocumented immigrant parents into an uncertain future. Trump’s victory sent waves of worry and fear among immigrant communities and families. Many fear that they will be deported to their countries and be separated from their U.S. citizen children. It is important for Social Workers to be aware of the implication that new immigration policies can
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The small number of 132 participants does not represent the estimated 5.3 million US citizen children living with an undocumented parent. The small sample is a threat to the external validity of the study. It is important to note that this study does not represent a homogenous group. The sample is considered to be a convenience sample and cannot be echoed as a representative of the Latino immigrant community. Overgeneralization needs to be prevented because the sample does not represent an entire community. Therefore, the lack of generalization is a threat to external validity. However, the studies external validity can be adequate even if it cannot be generalized because a large portion of the participants reported that higher level of legal vulnerability have higher impact on the well-being of children. The study does not necessary have to represent every conceivable …show more content…
The study found that parents legal vulnerability were significant predictors of impact on child well-being. Participants stated in the survey that the existence of deportation policies and practices affect how they personally feel. Parents with greater possibilities of deportation reported greater negative effects on their children’s lives. Deportation affects the parent’s ability to provide financially for their family and their children. The study also found that higher probability of deportation negatively affected how their children felt and perform in school (Brabeck & Xu, 2010). When undocumented parent suffer as a result of detention or deportation their children suffer too. The legal vulnerability of the parents affects the child’s emotional well-being, financial capability, academic performance, and the relationship that they have with their parents. It is important for future research to replicate the study with a longitudinal study and a larger sample. This will create external and internal validity and the study will be taken more seriously. Future research should not neglect to include the participation of the

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