Deportation: The Effects Of Deportation

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The effects of deportation
Can everyone get that dream life they always wanted? Some people will spend their lifetime trying to reach that dream but something from their past is haunting them. Rather they have the proper documentation or migrate here for a better life once they violate the immigration laws they face the consequences; for example, a person with legal document (green card) can have it taken away over a domestic violence charge or a simple DUI charge. Imagine two friends driving around and one of them carrying drugs but his friend was not aware that he is carrying illegal narcotics, once they get pull over most likely everyone in the car will be going to jail. Some people happened to come here so young they have no clue what
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It is not fair for someone who works in this country for over 20 years to get deported without committing any crime they should be giving a chance to be legal and work to take care of their families. Deportation have been one of the main issues for decades and its getting worst; moreover, Most of the illegal immigrants are hard workers and want the same privileges as the legal immigrants. The fear illegal immigrants have to endure is terrifying; for instance, imagine while at work and suddenly ICE (immigration custom enforcement) just coming and detain everyone that cannot prove their citizenship status. It is embarrassing and humiliating; even though, most people will argue that someone whom never committed any crime should be allowed to stay in the country rather than deported especially those that have young children who born here. The government constantly adding new immigration laws such as: “public school officials to determine immigration status of newly enrolling students”. Someone who was convicted of a crime and served their time then get pick up by immigration then get deported, that is understandable because they violated the immigration law which they signed upon receiving the green card; however, some of the illegal immigrants cause no threats to the American public so they should be allow to stay especially if they have been living here for a long time and have families that are American citizens. It is very hard to explain to a child that he/she will be separate from his parents. Children that have parents in immigration custody or deported usually show signs of loneliness, clingy behavior, fear, unable to focus in school and anxiety. “In November 2011, the Applied Research Center (now known as Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation) published a report, Shattered Families: The Perilous Intersection

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