Persuasive Essay On Undocumented Immigrants

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The Dreamers The United States of America is best known as a “free nation.” There are many opportunities in this country, but not everyone can enjoy them. There is an “estimated 11.7 million undocumented immigrants” in the United States (Chen 4). Immigrants however, are best known as hard and motivated workers. Natural born American citizens obviously have more opportunities, benefits, and are able to get a stable job. Immigrants on the other hand, are completely opposite of this scenario. Most undocumented immigrants have a higher risk to get deported, fewer opportunities to get far in life, and the majority of them work an outside job. Despite their differences immigrants are human too, and they have dreams to become successful, provide for their family, and become an example to their children. The key advantage of an American citizen …show more content…
A driver’s license is needed in every state in order to get behind the wheel, but undocumented immigrants do not have a driver’s license. With this being said would someone that has to provide for their family stay home and not find a job? That is ridiculous many immigrants came to the United States in order to get a good paying job, while risking their lives every time they go and return from work or simply just to go to Walmart because if they would get pulled over the chance of them being deported is slightly high, some are lucky and some are not. Following this, an American citizen is more likely to get a higher paying job than an immigrant because of certain requirements. Many immigrants work in construction, landscaping, or even buy their own taco stand. In order to get a respectable job one would need their social security number, which an immigrant cannot provide. Therefore, they do not qualify for most jobs. Immigrants come to the United States to live the American Dream. They want those same opportunities that all Americans have without the risk of

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