Undocumented Immigrants And The Economy Essay

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Hispanics and the Economy Undocumented Hispanics are not often appreciated for their contributions towards the U.S. economy. Many are thought as very dangerous criminals for crossing the border. Yet, undocumented immigrants bring a great, positive impact because they start businesses which helps grow the economy. Undocumented immigrants accept any sort of job offer which leads to a low percentage towards unemployment. Unauthorized immigrants boost demand for local consumer goods because they bring millions of dollars into the economic system. Undocumented Hispanic immigrants improve the economy because most are likely to start small businesses, they boost demand for local consumer goods, and are eager to accept any job offer. The text Racial …show more content…
They would accept a job offer because they know they would they have a greater chance of earning more in the United States. Americans believe that once undocumented Hispanics move to the United States, all they want do is take advantage of the services that the government offers. The University of California, Berkley describes that “immigrants help stabilize the economy and reduce the ‘mismatch’ between local demand for labor and its demand” (Peri n. pag.). Undocumented immigrants make a difference to the American economy because they even out wage. Although critics believe that undocumented Hispanic immigrants bring problems into the United States, for example crime, not all Latinos are a bad influence. “[Donald Trump] included charges that Mexican Immigrants [and unauthorized immigrants] bring rapist and criminals…to the USA” (Ortega n. pag.). Not all Undocumented Latinos immigrants are involved in crimes or violence. A good amount of undocumented Hispanics have prosperous lives with careers and professional jobs. The University of Arizona School Of Social Work and the University of Utah College of Social Work found that “undocumented do contribute to

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