Donald Trump Pros And Cons

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As the 2016 election approaches, the presidential candidates and citizens await the decision of who will be the next leader of the United States of America. Donald Trump, a republican candidate, should not be elected president due to his immigration policy. After reading the book Just Like Us, by Helen Thorpe, Donald Trump is surely the wrong candidate. The immigration policy of Donald trump, is not a feasible and realistic policy. The policy will not move our nation forward in the quest to repair an increasingly conflict-ridden immigration system because his policy is racist, he plans to deport millions of people, and it is simply unrealistic.
Donald Trump’s immigration plan is racist. The immigration plan Donald trump wants to implicate
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Donald Trump will have to track down the approximate 11.5 million illegal immigrants in the United States (Colorado Alliance). Trump plans on finding 11.5 million people and deporting them using government funded deportation squads (Trump, Donald). It will be very difficult to know who is an illegal immigrant and who is not. It will be very difficult to find citizens who will be willing to take this dangerous job. Also immigrants work in communities and are crucial to keep the economy from crashing. Trump claims that all illegal aliens are taking all our jobs but if immigrants did not do these jobs, the US would have an even higher unemployment rate(On The Issue, Web). The book Just Like Us explains how it is very hard for illegal immigrants to work because they do not have social security numbers. Yadrina and Marisella, characters that have a difficult time finding jobs without social security numbers in Just Like Us, end up finding work can provide for themselves and their families. Typically the work of undocumented people in the United States is more dangerous and difficult, often times the jobs immigrants take on are the jobs that American citizens would never want to do. This shows how important immigrants are to the United States work force because they contribute so work and get paid very little. Donald Trump’s immigration plan will not work because of his plan to …show more content…
Trump’s immigration policy will fail because it is racist, his ideas are unrealistic, and he will not be able to successfully deport 11.5 million people. A better immigration policy to implement would be to give people a pathway to citizenship. After all, America was created through immigration. America could better the immigration policy by helping illegal immigrants or people in difficult situations help to get them out of negative situations. The policy would also be improved with a more timely immigration process, rather than huge waitlists and difficult applications. Donald Trump’s immigration policy would not benefit any

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