Why Do Illegal Immigrants Affect The America's Economy

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Did you know there are about 320 million people in the United States according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but 11 million people in the U.S. are illegal immigrants? Many people accuse illegal immigrants of harming America’s economy, which may not be the exact issue. Many families cross the Mexico-United States border into the United States searching for a better life and the number of the undocumented alien population continues to grow. Although illegal immigrants may hinder American citizens, illegal immigrants do not harm America’s economy, therefore the illegal immigrant children should continue to be given birthright citizenship and be able to be educated despite the costs. To begin with, the children of illegal immigrants should continue to be given birthright …show more content…
wages and new demands on school, hospitals, and other public services” (Grow et. al. 2). Many illegal immigrants work in the United States illegally to provide for their families coming from Mexico with little money to live with. Many illegal immigrants lack important documents citizens need such as a social security number. Illegal immigrants have to sign up for identification cards, matricula consular, which some banks, credit card companies, and car loaners allow use for undocumented immigrants. The matricula consular is used so that the person can get state, local and federal benefits. They have to pay taxes like any other citizen through the Internal Revenue Service for individual tax identification numbers (ITINS). Basically, 11 million people are too many people for businesses to ignore so big U.S. consumers have allowed them to buy from them because it isn’t illegal to sell to them. “Wells Fargo has half a million matricula accounts, a majority of them, they acknowledge, opened by unauthorized aliens who lack regular residency or citizenship papers”(Grow et. al.

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