Persuasive Essay On Immigration Reform

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Immigration reform does not only benefit immigrants, due to million of undocumented immigrants live in the shadows of American citizens, praying and hoping every single day that they will not be caught and be deported back to their homelands and possibly leaving everything that they have worked behind. They live in a fear of what should and shouldn’t happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Also more and more countries refuses visa to people from third because they think the stranger can create problems as illegal immigrants.
According to the powerpoint, “Fixing our Broken Immigration System, “People who wish to come to the United States on an employment-based visa, and who fit into one of the employment categories, must have a job offer
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This program would create a new or even better job programs. This would be a big step for helping the illegal immigrants that are already here, instead of scaring them off and saying “we will deport them back to their countries” rather this problem should be a community of illegal helping immigrants and a start of something new. These immigrants should be given a chance to prove themselves and be forgiven for their mistakes. And it will also lower the number of illegal immigrant in the United States. Since many people believe that America 's the land of opportunity this would be a chance to prove this to many countries around the world. It would secure the lives of many immigrant families including their children’s future, providing them education opportunities and a better …show more content…
Immigrants with no documents still fear of what might happen tomorrow or the day after. But their are many steps our government can take to reform our immigration system for the future. I believe that their is a bright future for the immigrants who will be entering America as many would say “The land of opportunities.” Big steps will be taken for the immigration system and many immigrant will have a new beginning of their lives. And sometimes we tend to forget that the U.S. has and will always be made up of a diverse culture of

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