Pros And Cons Of Social Security

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Social Security

Social security, the world’s biggest government program, is expected to deplete its funds in 2034, so many are considering the privatization of the system, which would grant workers to command their own retirement funds.

The upcoming problem of the current Social security policy would be solved because it has been doling out more benefits than receiving worker contributions. This would also avoid skyrocketing taxes, money borrowing, or loss of benefits.
Private investments yield higher returns than the Social Security program, which would allow workers to earn more money.
In accordance with the American dream, private investments would allow people to manage their own retirement funds, thus offering a greater
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However, other insist that a balance must be installed or else harmful topics would be more accessible to criminal and youth.

Regulation blocks inappropriate information or sites, which would ruin society and innocence.
It controls the trafficking of illegal items, like drugs, on the media.
Criminals are caught and stopped more easily through internet censorship.
Incorrect information would not spread as easily, so people would get more updated and accurate facts.

Censorship violates privacy and changes what people can find, leading to more government interference within citizens’ lives.
Minor website owners would struggle with maintaining and keeping their website with an extremely regulated internet, as the government might require money or taxes on the internet in the future.
Other safety features could fix the simple problems of inappropriate websites and cyber bullying, eliminating some of the need for censorship.

What extent does the government control our media, and is this amount expected to increase or decline in the future?
What content should be censored and what information should be
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Some insist that border security needs to be improved, and others want to have a completely open border. Regarding the illegal immigrants already present in the United States, they could be deported, entered into the process to become a citizen, or immediately deemed legal citizens.
Allowing immigrants would provide more workers to fuel the American economy. This would also lower the cost of consumer goods.
Families would also no longer be separated if they were allowed to remain together.
Proper documentation of the immigrants would allow higher tax yields for the government.
The ‘American Dream’ would be kept alive by offering others opportunity for success.
The relationship with Latin and South America would be strengthened and improved, so an alliance might form in the future. This could possibly increase business for both the U.S. and Mexico
America’s population would grow and become more diverse .

Less jobs would be available for other workers, making the field extremely intense and selective.
Overpopulation would cause a strain on resources including, healthcare, housing, and education.
There would be a high cost to protect border and enforce current immigration laws.
The welcoming of immigrants could also risk the safety other American citizens with possible increased vulnerability to terrorist

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