Undocumented Immigrants Legalization

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There are many reasons why there should be a legalization for undocumented immigrants. One of those reasons is that legalizing immigrants will help be safer and there will be a better background check of individuals. It will create a much safer environment anywhere undocumented immigrants go. Another reason would be that undocumented immigrants now have become a great part in job industries, industries that we rely heavily upon. Also, education plays a great role in the United States which the federal law blocks aid for undocumented students. There should be a legalization for illegal immigrants because it will benefit safety, economy, and education.

Legalizing illegal immigrants will benefit safety in the country for citizens and unlawful
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There are about 2.1 million students that are unlawfully in the United States (Fitz). Undocumented Students studying in public schools have a right for breakfast and lunch for free. The state taxes pay for these students lunch and anything else that the school provides free(Fitz). Schools do not reject undocumented students nor do the schools ask for legal status. Its when undocumented immigrants dream to enter a college after high school when they find a great obstacle. The federal laws block any way for students to have help to enter a further education like a collage or a university. Whats happening here is that tax money is going to waste because these students with great knowledge to eventually contribute to our economy are then stuck as poor individuals using more tax money in different areas to have enough to supply for themselves. Now there is a way that students can now contribute to the country, this option undocumented immigrants is a law called Dream Act. The Dream Act gives an undocumented student to be in the country with permission to work and keep pursuing their education. To receive the benefit an undocumented immigrant must be 16 through 35 years of age with no criminal record and a GED or high school diploma (Guzmán). The Dream Act now has benefited the country with money and with 1.4 million new jobs (Guzmán). Also this will facilitate undocumented immigrant students to pursue educational dreams that could not be accomplished in their own birth country. Having immigrants with different cultures in the United States will bring revolutionary ideas that will put the United States over any other country in the

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