The Negative Effects Of The DREAM Act

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Register to read the introduction… Since the DREAM Act does not provide funding to states and counties to cover imposing costs, the act’s passage will require tuition increases, tax increases to expand enrollment, or a reduction in spaces available for American citizens at these schools (Camarota). About half a million new alien students are estimated to enroll in public institutions soon after the DREAM Act is passed, with another half million enrolling over the next decade and a half (Camarota). The United States would be rewarding undocumented immigrants and be taking education spots away from well-deserving American students, making it more difficult for them to obtain financial aid and or scholarships. Steven Camarota adds in his article "Estimating the Impact of the DREAM Act" that tuition hikes will be difficult for students because many Americans already find it difficult to pay for college, as research indicates that one-third of college students drop out before earning a degree and costs are a major reason for that dropout rate. Lawmakers need to consider that the DREAM Act will create strains and negatively affect the educational opportunities available to American citizens by adding roughly one million students to state universities and community colleges (Camarota). Supporters of the DREAM Act argue that it will significantly increase tax revenue because the amnesty recipients with a college education will …show more content…
With a promising future proposed by the DREAM Act, illegal immigration may become more tempting for struggling parents. The Act will weaken respect for our nation’s immigration laws. Because the DREAM Act would give more opportunities to illegal immigrants, parents in other countries will be encouraged to continue breaking immigration laws by sneaking their children into the United States to give them citizenship and a future in America. Then, years later once the DREAM Act is passed, it would be necessary to pass further legislation due to all of the new illegal immigrants. Even if the advocates of the DREAM Act would promote deporting future immigrants, people would wonder why the recipients of the DREAM Act were granted citizenship and yet citizenship will be denied to all other illegal immigrants. The DREAM Act insufficiently deals with the United States’ problem of illegal immigrants while presenting contradiction for the future options, contrary to the Act’s own goal.
The DREAM Act may help to improve the lifestyle of the illegal immigrants, but in the process, American citizens will only end up hurting through their economy, education, and eventually the future of immigration. It will be rewarding the undocumented parents who committed an illegal act, an act undoubtedly committed for the sake

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