DREAM Act For Illegal Immigrants

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How can you condemn a child to poverty because you are unwilling to allow them to continue their education because they are illegal, and furthermore the actions, which made them illegal, were not even their action but rather their parents? How can you rightfully sit back while back while this atrocity happens so often? All this could be solved with the DREAM Act that would be implemented to allow for illegal immigrants (who fit the required criteria) to be allowed to pursue their secondary education, go into the military, and begin their track to earning citizenship. The DREAM Act will keep our nation on top of the competition in this time of globalization and flattening of the world by finding new curious and passionate minds who are willing …show more content…
The DREAM Act aims to change this horrifying but true occurrence of immigrant people who come to America seeking to fulfill the American dream. This act allows for children brought to this nation illegally to be allowed to receive an education or go into the military, and eventually be able to become an American citizen. Some people may be pushing to disclose this act; however think about this, what if the next great mind lies trapped in the person who we did not let receive an education because they were brought here illegally? The Economist states, “You 're an American in every sense except the legal one”, so because a person is here illegally we should suppress them and force them into a class of poverty and marginalization all on the concepts of legality imposed upon us by our government. As a nation how can we move forward and make a better future if we are unwilling to allow all those who want to propel this nation to greatness if we will not support them. As the Economist says, “Every year, over 60,000 kids like you graduate high school in the United States. And unless something like the DREAM Act becomes law, you and they will become part of a growing class of marginalized and unprotected Americans without papers”, how as a nation can we let all these possibly great minds go to waste on a simple matter of being born on the wrong side of the border. To me the DREAM Act is a great way to find new great minds in our immigrants and instead of fighting so hard to push them away, we should embrace them as one of our own. In this new flat world our nation should take advantage of any opportunity to get ahold of an edge over our

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