Immigration law

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  • Melbourne Immigration Law

    Do I need an immigration Lawyer? Is that what you are thinking right now? Applying for a visa is not a piece of cake in today's world. Continuously-changing immigration rules and regulations have made it a nightmare. Yes, all the countries make restrictions on entering to their land for safety reasons. If you are looking for immigration services in Melbourne, then hiring an Immigration Lawyer Melbourne is advisable. I say it for a reason. The success rate of people who go through an immigration lawyer is higher than the ones who DIY it. Do you want to move from Melbourne to London? Maybe you want to get someone in London to Melbourne. No matter the reason, hiring an Immigration Lawyer Melbourne comes with many benefits. Let' understand the benefits in details. * As mentioned, we can't keep up with the continuously-changing…

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  • US Immigration Law

    US Immigration law can be confusing because it includes many different ways foreigners can enter the country. The laws encompass people that visit the US, want to work in the US, want to get a Green Card, and becoming a US Citizen. The immigration system is also set up to cover people seeking asylum, refugees, and Diversity Visa Lottery Program. Visiting the US for short periods falls under the non-immigrant visa status as long as they do not intend to work in the US. Some countries, are…

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  • New Immigration Laws

    Since the start of the United States, immigration laws have plagued the country. Many of these laws being deemed necessary, while some are disputed by the American citizens. These “new” immigration laws have similar aspects to older laws, passed earlier on in our history. The accumulating negative opinions about immigration into the United States caused by the recent inauguration of President Trump and his executive orders, has resulted in numerous citizens deeming the issue controversial.…

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  • Immigration Law Essay

    migrated people have to face several legal issues regarding immigration laws of the particular country. Jacksonville, Florida follows the USCIS law to control immigration and to provide required services to the immigrants. This USCIS law is implemented to ensure the homeland security. It is a part of United States department of Homeland Security (DHS). Immigration law firms of Jacksonville If you are suffering from any kind of immigration problems, it is the wisest decision to consult legal…

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  • Immigration Laws Are Always Changing

    U.S. immigration law is constantly evolving. In order to achieve citizenship, individuals must invest an immense amount of focus and attention while navigating the many laws, complexities, and processes of the immigration system. If you are experiencing difficulty with the application process, an immigration lawyer will provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and representation you need to expedite the process and avoid any issues that might otherwise weigh you down. 5 Reasons to Hire an…

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  • Immigration Law Case Study

    that many strict laws as now. During the 1960s it was a lot easier to receive a visa, so the amount of undocumented immigrants were lower and the amount of documented immigrants was higher. Many of laws that are created now were non-existed back then. A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution,…

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  • Immigration Laws In America

    Immigration per se has been an important part of the foundation of the United States as nation. Excepting Native Americans, none could affirm not to have foreign ancestors. This is a point of controversy with the current state of things despite it has been regulated many times during nation’s history. To this end, U.S. Government through the history of the country has enacted different laws and has regulated the entry of foreigners to the country. The first immigration law enacted by the US…

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  • Essay On Unfair Immigration Laws

    rights of immigrants or refugees remains unresolved and countries seem to be increasingly hostile towards these groups of individuals. Though the issue of immigration is often debated with emphasis purely on the economic effects of immigration, I believe that often the social side of immigration is forgotten. When we debate legislation, we speak about the jobs that immigrants might take, but we never speak about the way in which an immigrant’s family unit is affected by the harsh laws against…

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  • Immigration Law Is Fare And Equal

    For those that have dealt with the US immigration law, only few will agree that it is fare and equal to all. It is suppose to serve as a guidelines and a road map to for processing anyone coming into the United States. How come that some people are given the chance and opportunity the fight and succeed while other are barely given a voice. Every country needs immigration laws to control the flow of immigration; the majority, like the United States, believes that the current laws favor the few,…

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  • Immigration Law: A Case Study

    In November of 2014, President Obama announced several executive actions on immigration law, one of which was to make H-4 dependent spouses of some workers holding a H-1B nonimmigrant visas eligible for employment authorization. The final rule announced on May 26th, 2015 by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) supports the administration's efforts to make working in the U.S. a more appealing option to highly skilled workers in certain in-demand industries. According to…

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