Aspects Of The Immigration Reform

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In today’s time it seems as if average is good enough. I John Lee believe that average is not good enough. A drastic overhaul is desperately needed in efforts to change the “average” Immigration Reform. It is way too common that this nation accepts hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the nation illegally. The Immigration reform needs to take a more impacting and demanding step in its efforts.

Section one of the Immigration Reform is the best section in the entire reform. Although it may be the best stated section of the reform I still think there is a lot of room for improvement. One item I do believe should be kept in the reform is the section where it mentions that...”we will continue the increased efforts of the Border Patrol by providing
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As a nation we understand that immigrants come to America almost strictly for Jobs. From that point it is our responsibility to not let them work here if they are not legal. In the reform it suggests that, “Employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers must face stiff fines and criminal penalties for egregious offenses.” A reform should be made and have a big emphasis on the importance of not hiring somebody who is in the country illegally for work. Another tactic that should be added to the reform is if for any employer who cannot prove they are in the country legally, needs to be reported immediately. If this tactic became a known thing for illegal immigrants it could in fact reduce the number significantly. Another section that could use some editing is section II. “As such, our immigration proposal will award a green card to immigrants who have received a PhD or Master’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or math from an American university.” I do agree that America needs to seek out the world’s best and brightest but I feel a different approach is necessary. Rather than rewarding those who receive a PhD or masters with a green card just give them a life in America and they can live like every other …show more content…
Section I talks about the Path of citizenship for immigrants and also the protection of the boarder. Section II talks about improving the legal immigration process and influencing the brightest people from other countries to come study in the States. And section III talks about the employment of illegal immigrants. And the last Section talks about workers’ rights. So while this reform is not the best it does hit on all the important topics. I would not take out any section but I would like to see some editing in the sections themselves. Because this reform is “average” and I know what we are capable of, I would have to vote against this reform. The immigration reform needs to be as close to perfect before it can gain my vote. In order for this to happen the reform it is going to have to be modified and looked at closely and some editing within the sections is going to be made.

I John Lee am voting against this immigration reform. The immigration reform does not have the main focus of protecting the boarders like it should. The source of the problem stems from the boarders. I believe while the Immigration reform is good it is just average. Changes will have to be made in section II and Section III in order for the reform to have a major effect in the near

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