Argumentative Essay On Undocumented Immigration

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Undocumented immigrants are common in the United States. There are more than ten million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., the majority of them are from Mexico. These undocumented immigrants are often treated poorly by Americans who may view them as tax evading, welfare abusing, and job stealing contrasting with that “Common Sense” narrative. Undocumented immigrants have integrated into American lifestyle, especially in California, where some work in the fields picking strawberries, while others are studying to receive an education at an accredited university.
The linkage between undocumented immigrants and agriculture is strong. Seventy percent of the American agricultural workforce is made up by undocumented immigrants (This (Illegal)
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One proposed measure, the Dream Act is aimed at teenagers brought to America as children who lived in America for at least five years, and have to hold a high school diploma or its equivalent ( However, the Dream Act failed to pass since its original introduction in 2001. The Dream Act is supporting, claiming that with strict reform measures, attaining citizenship in the United State of America would be possible for young undocumented immigrants that have lived in America and show that these young citizens will, “Contribute to America’s military’s recruitment efforts and readiness, make our country more competitive in the global economy, have important economic benefits, and finally, The DREAM Act will allow our immigration and border security experts to focus on those who pose a serious threat to our nation’s security” as stated on It aimed to accomplish these feats through cooperation between American citizens and these undocumented immigrants. The bill did not gain enough support, however, and most recently failed in 2010 by only five votes (This (Illegal) American

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