Argumentative Essay Immigration

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Nicholas Drennan
Core 101-42
Argumentative Essay

Immigration is one of the most talked about topics in our modern day society. So much so that it has become an important aspect of presidential candidates’ policies. The decision of who may enter the country has been argued heavily for the past few decades. The United States of America’s national identity is largely based off of cultural diversity. Would New York City be the same with out little Italy or China town? Or Miami without its large Cuban population? Immigration has a huge impact on our countries economy and identity; its hard to imagine the United States success with out it. Those who are anti immigration neglect to see how immigrants have helped shape our country. The
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Some believe that it should not be passed yet some are praying for it to be passed. The intent of the Dream Act is to allow illegal or undocumented immigrants who were brought here by family as children to enlist in the military, receive education and work towards permanent residency. Many people registered with the dream act had no say in the matter of entering the U.S. illegally and thus should have the same opportunities as their peers. Why should they be punished for the decisions made by their parents? People who do not support the Deferred action program do not understand that people registered in the program are working hard towards their goals to become integral parts of our society. “Though narrow and short-term, it has been a lifeline for Gallardo and others like her. And in the past four years, she hasn’t just been going to school; she’s been working, and saving.” (Hing, 2016). For the people registered in the Deferred Action program, a world outside of the US is unknown to them. In thus, it is wrong to send these people back to a country they do not even …show more content…
The U.S. also tries its best to remain neutral in foreign affairs and sometimes that means refusing refugees. This is still relevant today as we see a vast amount of refugees from Syria. One of the worries in allowing a large amount of Syrian refugees into the country lies in the possibility of accidentally allowing a terrorist into the country. More importantly, the US wishes to remain neutral in foreign affairs. The problem with getting involved with Syria lies in the fact that Russia and its allies are on the other side of this issue. If the US were to get involved and declare war, Russia and its allies could quite possibly do the same (Johnson, 2016). In regards to allowing a large amount of refugees into the country all at once; A resolution to that problem could be extensive background checks. On the other hand, this would take a lot of time of which refugees do not necessarily

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