Argumentative Essay: Undocumented Immigrants

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As my team already proved, the United States is already doing a satisfactory job on controlling undocumented immigration. To further this would be pointless and ineffective. Especially with the economical advantages they bring to us. Through paying a large percentage of taxes, they directly benefit our infrastructure and economic status. As Jordan delved into previously, the historical failures of preventing undocumented immigration through the building of barriers is apparent. Not only is the wall proposed by our current President extremely costly, especially for a nation trillions of dollars in debt, but said wall will not even be effective in the long run. Your political beliefs are that of your own, but I ask you, look at the facts and …show more content…
To say that undocumented immigrants are the cause of disease infiltration in our country is ignorant. They neglected to not only mention that Mexico’s vaccination rate is higher than that of the United States, but they also attempted to ignore the millions of vacationers that cross over the boarders each year. Should we force them to stay in Mexico since that seems to be the solution you are trying to justify? As Kyle stated, undocumented immigrants a large percentage of their income in taxes and by simply granting them citizenship, we can increase this value to create a better economical society. Why would a country want to decrease their economic status by cracking down on such immigrants? Our country has the highest crime rate in the world. This is obviously an issue; however, we cannot blame undocumented immigrants for this. The correlation between immigration rates and crime rates prove that our immigrants are not to blame for the drastic crime rates in our country. Your allegations, not just this one, have been proven wrong through the actual facts and figures. As my team testified, not only is the crack-down of undocumented immigration going to be ineffective and costly, it is unnecessary. The points the opposing team were trying to propose were decent. But my team proved their inaccuracies, and assumptions, to be that of which they are: incorrect. To quote 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary

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