Essay about My Fight For Immigration Reform

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My fight for immigration reform began in the sixth grade with the arrival of my best friend Judith and her family from Mexico. They have exposed me to a new, hardworking culture that does not get its due credit from media and politicians. The injustice these remarkable people face not only sparked a fire in myself but my entire family. My Father Dan Aldridge, a lawyer licensed to practice in both Alabama and Tennessee, would soon become well acquainted with a good friend of Judith’s family. Juan, who is a husband, a father to two children, and is an illegal immigrant. One night, he was arrested for a DUI while in his neighborhood and Aldridge took on his case. In the case of a DUI, the intoxicated person has to be witnessed actually driving a vehicle or the keys have to be in an accessible place to prove that the suspect had the ability to begin driving, endangering oneself and the community, in order to be convicted. There was no such witness for Juan and this technicality resulted in a dismissal of Juan’s charge. Around this time, Alabama had just passed a new immigration law mirroring that of the extremely controversial law in Arizona. The organization I.C.E (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) was to immediately begin finding and deporting all illegal aliens in the states that adopted the law. Members of this organization just happened to be in the court house the day Juan came to be dismissed. He was immediately detained and the long process of deportation began. As…

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