Immigration Reform

The right to pursue your dreams as we 'll as your families is very important and we all deserve the opportunity to succeed like others. The obstacle undocumented families face is not having the benefits US residents have. Benefits such as being able to work legally, coming to the US to obtain a better lifestyle , and racial profiling. It does not make sense because Americans are referred as “ the people “ well are immigrants not people too ??

Working in the US legally not only for students but for parents should be legal. As much as others workers whom are working legally work hard from sunrise to sun down have earned the privilege to be legal workers. This helps families improve their financial economy, and they will not have to worry about earning enough to support their
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Even though many migrate to find a better life , they still have to face many difficulties and are being mistreated most of the time. An immigration reform will not only help immigrants but also the economy, the security, and it will benefit the whole nation. Many believe that immigrants just come to take their jobs , but honestly they are just contributing to the country 's economy. Because even if they are illegal they still pay taxes just like any other person that is legally working. Many come to start their buisness which helps create more jobs. Also many immigrants come to America to find good paying jobs which compared to the places where they came from, minimum wage is way better than what they would be making if they stayed im their hometown. Another thing for example, when you are driving by a construction zone who do you see working hard and proud? Yeah those “ immigrants “ that many dislike just because they want a better future for their loved ones. They dont come to steal or cause trouble but to overcome obstacles like poverty and delinquency. An immigration reform will benefit many of us

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