Undocumented Students Narratives Of Liminal Citizenship: An Analysis

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To have a better life is to have success and happiness, but in many countries around the world; it is difficult to have a bright future. The country of the United States has other people around the world wanting a change of the American dream and how they are allow to follow those dreams of theirs. In their very own country, they are not allow to do certain things that they wanted to do to become successful in their lives or to do something that they dream of doing. People believe that the only way to ever making those dream come true is to leave what they have behind and start a new journey somewhere else like in America. America was built by immigrants and which cause this country to be significant in numerous things that other country are …show more content…
Many of this undocumented students want to start their own business. They would want to go to school to get their bachelors in business and be a lot close to their dreams. They knowledge that they will obtain will help them tremendously. They can have a connection with others if they could have the same background with the buyers or product company that he or she may work with. Basically, they will have great connection with them. According to Torres & Wicks-Asbun(2014) from the article “Undocumented Students’ Narratives of Liminal Citizenship: High Aspirations, Exclusion, and “In-Between” Identities”, the ones that know someone from their country that has products that could be useful in this country will tell them why it’s best to do business with us and improve our economy. That will lead into other people and their businesses. About 40% of the top fortune 500s companies are founded by immigrants or their children (Anderson, 2011). That percentage could increase if the DREAM Act was passed. Just think if they could do that and be successful and it just show to these undocumented students that if they could do it then they could do it to. They plan on doing the right thing and become an American. The best thing of it all is that they would encourage other that are doing wrong that this is not the way to treat this when they are giving us the opportunity. Encourage more to go to school and tell them to have a future better than not having one at all. As a country we do have diversity in our society, but immigrant’s undocumented students are not being accepted as humans that want to be known as somebody not

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