Conclusion For Immigration Essay

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Immigration has been the subject of a national controversy over the years in the United States. More than one hundred and thousands of immigrants are migrating to America every year. As some immigrants are legal, while others are illegal. Some are getting away from religious prosecution and political mistreatment while others come to search out the America freedom, benefits and protection. Either way, the migration of an immigrant had an exceptionally critical impact on numerous areas of American life. As some belief that they are causing nationwide problems they steal jobs, they bring, they are uneducated, they bring crimes and non-English speaking workers take jobs away from the American people because they will work for cheaper wages. While …show more content…
While some contend that migrant takes occupations, which is not the case, because they create make more jobs in our economy and they are frequently exceptionally productive, which is why they open a new business where they hire America citizen and immigrants as a worker. Sure, some immigrants sometimes rely on welfare, but that is due to their financial stability. The immigrants who rely on welfare are often having a hard time financially are eager to work more hours. For instance, I know this individual who is from India, he works around 80 hours a week because that he needs money to support his family in America and in India. Furthermore, people have sometimes accused immigrant of lack of their education and lack of their dedication to becoming successful. Some argue that immigrant are coming from poor countries with no education and they don’t like to stay in school. Which in some cases is true, but the majority of immigrants are dedicated to becoming successful and work very hard to the end to accomplish his or her goal. And that is why most of the immigrants who works really hard ends up in prestigious universities. Nevertheless, immigrant keeps bringing us good things for our country and they have always worked really hard to create more jobs, make the economy better and create more opportunity for other people in this

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