Helping Immigrant Children Heal : Analysis Essay

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Helping immigrant children heal
Today we will be discussing the article that have reseach on the internet that will bring your eyes to tears. I will be discussing the article “helping immigrant children heal” (Lorna Collier,2015). Through the article it lists sections like the fears that caused them to flee, resilient, but often traumatized, treatment strategies, and future directions. Through these topics they discuss the hassels of immigrant children everyday life and trying to overcome the problems. The topic relates to the psychology by psychologist under stand the way these children act and why they act that way. They have discovered problems to help the children along the way to really stop the issue and not let it pass. this article relates to my life by just seeing how I have oppurnities to do the right thing without having to go through all that immigrant children go thought just to have a better life.

The “helping immigrant children heal”(lorna collier,2015) article starts off with a true story of two children an 13 year old girl and an 11 year old boy fleeing from Mexico for a better life. The girl made it in life as a cardiovascular surgical intensive care nurse also married with 3 children. On the other hand the boy did not make it he dropped out of high school at 16. The article continues and states the violence in immigrants and they are victims to beatings, rapes, murders and drug gang intimidations. Psychologist researches that children who have…

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