Psychological trauma

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  • Psychological Trauma And Child Trauma

    What is psychological trauma? Trauma is a term used in every day language to define a stressful event. Comprehending traumatic events, however, is concerned with the stress that overwhelms an individuals capability to cope with a particular event. As a result, a traumatic situation leads to psychological trauma in which the individual may feel physically, emotionally, and cognitively overwhelmed. As Blaum suggests, “Catastrophes such as the Holocaust and the World Wars involve shock, strain, and screen trauma, with cumulative individual and group traumatization” (Blum, 67). Proceeding the events, denial and shock are common responses from survivors. The term trauma has been explained as “an experience of hypnotic imitation and identification…

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  • Psychological Trauma In Ireland

    Psychological trauma is not a tangible damage, it is a damage of the mind, and one that can persist throughout short to extended periods of time. Trauma can affect at different levels, at an individual of course, but also at a widespread socio-cultural one, a trauma that resides in the collective consciousness of a people, as exemplified by the effects on the Irish people due to the great famine. Significant trauma can cause a great degree of mental anguish, distress, fear and general hardship…

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  • EMDR Therapy: Emotional And Psychological Trauma

    EMDR Therapy is one of many forms of therapy used to treat symptoms suffered by trauma patients. It has provided conclusive evidence of its effectiveness in lessening trauma patient’s mental ability to regain a healthy mental state after their experience(s). “EMDR Therapy incorporates elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy with eye movements or other forms of rhythmic, left-right stimulation. These back-and-forth eye movements are thought to work by “unfreezing” traumatic memories, allowing…

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  • Psychological Trauma In Adolescence

    Adolescents who experienced childhood sexual abuse are likely to experience psychological trauma. Several studies have confirmed that there is a relationship between CSA and experiencing psychological trauma, also known as psychological injury. Psychological injury includes “major depressive disorder, dysthymia, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobic disorders, which may manifest themselves in the short-term and/or become chronic” (Amado et al., 2015, p. 50). Ivanov, Platonova, and…

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  • Psychological Trauma Research Paper

    The main purpose of this research is to test the hypothesis that psychological trauma can be a predictive factor of criminal sentiments. There are several related studies about the subject in other countries, but their focus is on the antisocial personality, criminal behavior and not on the cognition. Also in the Philippines, there is a very limited number of studies conducted that are related to the relationship between psychological trauma and antisocial personality, but there is not even one…

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  • What Is Trauma?

    Trauma, a term derived from the Greek term for ‘wound’. Terrifying or emotionally disturbing events and situations may create an outcome of a psychological wound (trauma). Traumatic events are distressing incidents, that interfere with an individual’s daily life. These may be threatening towards a person’s life, psychological or physical health. Each individual human, has a different reaction to similar situations. The same one event may have polar opposite reactions by different people. The…

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  • Integrative Childhood Trauma

    traumatic stress, paying particular attention to the correlation between psychological trauma and later physiological health. Emphasis will be placed upon the continued development and research into alternative and holistic therapies that may help address the pervasive and complex long-term effects that childhood trauma has upon an individual’s later life; which is perhaps not adequately addressed by traditional psychodynamic therapies. Most frequently cited treatments for trauma typically…

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  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Case Study

    Generally speaking, most people associate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with military personnel and war veterans. However, more and more frequently, traumatic stress syndromes are associated with extraordinary traumas such as travel accidents (plane, car, train, etc.), workplace accidents, violent crimes, and witnessing violence or horrifying incidents. My mom is not a veteran and is diagnosed with PTSD based on early violence in her life and I’ve seen, first hand, how this trauma has…

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  • Childhood Abuse: A Case Study

    significant physical and psychological problems. These problems can include difficulty sleeping, somatic problems (Antal & Range, 2009), PTSD, depression, and anxiety. This trauma can follow a person for the rest of his or her life and increases the risk of entering into sexually abusive relationships later in life (Harte, Hamilton, & Meston, 2013). Survivors of childhood abuse may benefit from therapeutic interventions that encourage them to write about their past trauma (Antal & Range, 2009).…

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  • Experience Of Trauma

    experience of trauma is an unavoidable and common feature of life. Epidemiological studies indicate that most adults and children will experience at least one potentially traumatic event in their life (Mancini & Bonanno, 2010). When these events occur, individuals respond in a variety of ways. Further implications highlight the need for additional research focusing on measuring individual differences in people’s responses to the traumatic event (Mancini & Bonnano, 2010). Trauma is a widely…

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