Psychological trauma

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  • Psychological Trauma And Child Trauma

    What is psychological trauma? Trauma is a term used in every day language to define a stressful event. Comprehending traumatic events, however, is concerned with the stress that overwhelms an individuals capability to cope with a particular event. As a result, a traumatic situation leads to psychological trauma in which the individual may feel physically, emotionally, and cognitively overwhelmed. As Blaum suggests, “Catastrophes such as the Holocaust and the World Wars involve shock, strain, and screen trauma, with cumulative individual and group traumatization” (Blum, 67). Proceeding the events, denial and shock are common responses from survivors. The term trauma has been explained as “an experience of hypnotic imitation and identification…

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  • Psychological Trauma In Ireland

    Psychological trauma is not a tangible damage, it is a damage of the mind, and one that can persist throughout short to extended periods of time. Trauma can affect at different levels, at an individual of course, but also at a widespread socio-cultural one, a trauma that resides in the collective consciousness of a people, as exemplified by the effects on the Irish people due to the great famine. Significant trauma can cause a great degree of mental anguish, distress, fear and general hardship…

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  • EMDR Therapy: Emotional And Psychological Trauma

    EMDR Therapy is one of many forms of therapy used to treat symptoms suffered by trauma patients. It has provided conclusive evidence of its effectiveness in lessening trauma patient’s mental ability to regain a healthy mental state after their experience(s). “EMDR Therapy incorporates elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy with eye movements or other forms of rhythmic, left-right stimulation. These back-and-forth eye movements are thought to work by “unfreezing” traumatic memories, allowing…

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  • Psychological Trauma In Adolescence

    Adolescents who experienced childhood sexual abuse are likely to experience psychological trauma. Several studies have confirmed that there is a relationship between CSA and experiencing psychological trauma, also known as psychological injury. Psychological injury includes “major depressive disorder, dysthymia, generalized anxiety disorder, and phobic disorders, which may manifest themselves in the short-term and/or become chronic” (Amado et al., 2015, p. 50). Ivanov, Platonova, and…

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  • Crisis And Trauma Theory

    Due to its unknown nature and being unpredictable, every human is vulnerable to experiencing a crisis (Jais, 2016). This essay demonstrates what psychological impact occurs from crisis and trauma that is caused by a violent crime. Violent crime is defined as an aggravated assault that includes some sort of life-threatening nature or bodily harm is caused to one or more individuals (Fazel & Grann, 2006). Violent crime situations that involve crisis and trauma are explored from a counselling…

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  • Maus: Father And Son Relationship In The Holocaust

    lets the readers know that in the past, he was in a mental institution, this may have been because of his childhood. The psychological effect the Holocaust had on the survivor children such as, mental disorders, traumas, stress, anxiety social anxiety and anti-social. The psychological effect on these children are passed from one generation to the next till one person decides to seek help. Survivor parents most of the time do not know that when they talk about their experience during the…

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  • Stephen King Fear

    years. The novel, It by Stephen King, is a psychological thriller that exploits the idea that children’s fear is a power so strong; ‘It’ can literally kill people. It follows a group of friends known as The Losers’ Club who encounter ‘It’ and are forced to deal with the reality of this evil. The children move away and grow old, most of them forgetting…

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  • Analysis Of Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Psychology

    The movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a movie that contains many things that relate to psychological disorders, including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mental Trauma, and phobias. I will be discussing the plot of the movie, and then I will explain how the psychological disorders relate to the characters of the movie. The story’s main character is a nine year old boy named Oskar Schell, who is very close to his father. When his father is killed in the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the…

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  • Mental Stressors In The Military Essay

    Introduction According to Seligman & Fowler (2011), the response of psychology to the needs of the US military intensified during the First and the Second World Wars (p. 82). This followed the increasing levels of anxiety, suicide, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and the need for highly resilient army officers who would undertake the unforeseen future warfare. During the world wars, many psychological problems evolved among the soldiers. For example, there were high cases of…

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  • American Indian Trauma Analysis

    Americans have developed a condition named American Indian Historical Trauma (AIHT). There is many various types of traumas that people could suffer from, but AIHT is specifically for Native Americans that suffer from the horrid past of their people. Some people may find AIHT as an exaggerated form of another illness, but AIHT is a proven condition that has serious consequences. Even though it is usually overlooked, AIHT can be found in many fictional works. To see how American Indian…

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