Psychological trauma

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  • Dr. Sonnenberg's Analysis

    Dr. Sonnenberg’s lecture explores how a doctor’s environment affects medical practice. He produced a well thought out argument that incites discussion of the topic he presents, and provided a few examples that supply insight into his ideas. Specifically, the Dora case, the social construct of gender, the social construct of a doctor’s superiority, and religion are examples of a doctor’s medical practice being shaped by the environment that surrounds it. Dr. Sonnenberg’s statements about Freud’s…

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  • Critical Incident Stress Management Essay

    Incident Stress Management (CISM or CISD) system as described by authors such as Everly and Mitchell (1999). The review specifically looks at Police Officers who have been involved in Officer Involved Shooting (OIS). When examining CISD is simply psychological first-aid done in a peer-to peer group typically within the first 24 to 72 hours of an incident. This time frame is the most intense time in a post-shooting incident. To understand what CISD is you have to understand some terms. First…

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  • Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Psychological Study

    The psychological effect of sexual abuse as studied by psychology- describe how sexual abuse alters cognitive development through the basic trends in research in sexual abuse in childhood in general. Different behaviors that can be attributed from childhood sexual abuse have been identified. These developed Behaviors include: domestic violence & continued sexual abuse, accordingly connect to religious identity then into a worldview. Also the effects of Spirituality Individual differences in…

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  • Post Traumatic Growth In Adolescence

    result of a struggle with trauma” and its relationship to posttraumatic stress disorder through an overview of the literature, including assessment measures and the reaction that children and adolescents have to trauma and disaster. Research on posttraumatic growth has typically been centered on adults but recently has extended to children and adolescents. Keywords: Adolescents, children, posttraumatic growth, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), resilience, trauma Introduction…

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  • Essay On How Memory Affected By Trauma

    Describe how memory is affected by trauma. Our life tells a story through a descriptive narrative of our encounters and life altering events. According to Hunt (2010), “We constantly narrate our lives, creating and telling stories about who and what we are, and why we exist” (p. 3). Our memories helps us recreate their storylines as we share them with the world. Memories help shape an individual’s overall health, development, and lifestyle. Unfortunately, our story and memory become…

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  • Workplace Burnout

    Vicarious trauma “negatively impacts the clinician’s sense of self which ongoing symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder such as feelings of anger, grief, rage, and terror, in addition to damaging affect to the counseling relationship” (Michalopoulos & Aparicio, 2011, 646); other symptoms may include “nightmares, intrusive thoughts, disturbing imagery, sadness and anxiety” (Dunkley & Whelan, 2006, 107). Symptoms of vicarious trauma are similar to PTSD symptoms (Adams…

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  • The Importance Of Memory And Brain Mechanisms

    from school. It also may be adaptive to forget. Trauma such as childhood sexual abuse may present a situation where the child is so overwhelmed by the abuse that it could impair functioning, especially if the abuser is the caretaker. This disassociation may protect the child during the abuse. Trauma can include childhood abuse, being in a natural disaster, or witnessing a person or self being threatened to be killed or hurt. In the long-term, trauma may cause disassociation or posttraumatic…

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  • Bad Boys Film Analysis

    this point, the young man screams as Viking steps outside and watches guard. Viewers can reasonably assume that Tweety molests the young boy. What viewers do not realize, is that one day this young boy will reenter society with the physical and psychological scars of this…

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  • Trauma Adaptive Recovery Group Education And Therapy

    Many practitioners still believe that a patient must reach sobriety prior to addressing trauma issues, however, when looking at the reality of the circular correlations between PTSD symptoms and substance abuse one might ask "Who would choose to give up something that eases chronic emotional and physical pain, and then engage in therapy that stimulates that pain, without recourse to relief via self-medication?" (Miller, 2002, p. 158). Therefore, Miller (2002) believes it to be ineffectual and a…

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  • Extreme Trauma Theory

    O’Hare, T., Shen, C., & Sherrer, M. V. (2015). Lifetime abuse and self-harm in people with severe mental illness: A structural equation model. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, And Policy, 7(4), 348-355. doi:10.1037/tra0000016 Article Review People with severe mental illness (SMI) generally have experience with an extreme trauma over their lifetime (Muesser et al., 1998). There is a high percentage of people in the sample of this experiment, 29% to 43%, that have post…

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