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  • The Colonization Of Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is among the few remaining colonies in the world. It can also be considered among the oldest, having at one time or another been under military occupation dating back to 1508. (Schimmer) Puerto Rico spent a lot of its past being under the rule of Spain but was aided by the United States in 1898. Although intimidated by the Americans, the Puerto Rican natives remained hopeful that the United States would help bring about great change in the colony. Hoping that the Americans could help mold the colony in the ways of democracy and freedom, the natives welcomed the United States, apprehensive at first but welcomed them nonetheless. It seems that from the very beginning the Americans had no faith in the fact that Puerto Rico could…

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  • Puerto Rico Essay

    The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a self-governing territory of the United States on an island of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean. The Puerto Rican political relationship with United States has remained steady and non-violent since the take over after Spanish-American War. The island is considered a part of America, but votes on whether to remain a Commonwealth separate from 50 states or become the 51st state. Political relationship is quite extensive with United States Federal…

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  • Puerto Rico Culture

    Puerto Rico is a beautiful island that floats on the Caribbean Sea. The island is filled with outgoing people that represent their culture. For myself, I am full decent Puerto Rican and have much family there. I always loved how it felt and looked when I visited. Discovering some awesome historic structures at Puerto Rico was amazing as well. The food and music make most countries special in their own way but this one is like no other. Puerto Rico has many things to do and visit. To begin with,…

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  • Puerto Rico History

    The tropical island of Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea. The island is apart what is known as the Greater Antilles Islands, because of its location in the Caribbean Sea as well as the islands located in the same area. Other islands located near Puerto Rico are Cuba, the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), and Jamaica (Geography of Puerto Rico). The island is known for it’s vast beauty, exports such as sugar, coffee and rum and plush history. Before Christopher…

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  • Essay On Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico, which is officially known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is a 3,500 square mile territory of the United States that is located in the northeastern Caribbean. It is not just one island, but in fact, it is a small archipelago made up of the main island and a few smaller islands. The current population is around 3.4 million. Puerto Rico’s rich history, varied natural scenery, tropical climate, and outstanding traditional foods has made it a favorite place for people from around…

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  • Puerto Rico Imperialism

    Puerto Rico is a small island located in the West Indies that was under Spanish rule for nearly 400 years before control was transferred to the United States in 1989. Puerto Rico was, “part of the Spanish Empire since 1508”. After almost four centuries of Spanish control, the United States was granted control of the 108 by 40 mile island after Spain lost the Spanish -American War. Even today, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. Background During the four centuries that Puerto…

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  • Trip To Puerto Rico

    When thinking back to my past, my favorite memory is my trip to Puerto Rico. I got to travel with some of my close friends and really cool adults. We were in Puerto Rico for seven days, and every single day I got to discover the culture and learn something new about the island and the people living on it. We were able to explore the nature there, try Puerto Rican foods, speak in Spanish, and tour historical sites. We left at four in the morning to board our plane. When we arrived on the island,…

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  • Puerto Rico Persuasive Essay

    The status of Puerto Rico in accordance with the United States has been controversial at best throughout the years. In a 1998 referendum, the majority of Puerto Rico was not in support of statehood. However a 2012 referendum resulted in the opposite with 61% of Puerto Ricans voting for statehood (Castillo para. 2). Although this referendum was non-binding, meaning it did not develop Puerto Rico as a state, it shows the island’s support for full integration and forces Washington to address this…

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  • Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

    become a fact in Puerto Rico is shocking. As I watch the news with my mother, it devastates me to see the crisis Puerto Rico has acquired. Everywhere they speak about Puerto Rico you hear the debt owed go higher and higher. As of recent, it is estimated that Puerto Rico owes more than 72 billion dollars of bond funds (Long,1). Slowly the value of my homeland is decreasing and my family, who still lives in Puerto Rico, is suffering the consequences of the economic instability of the land. There…

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  • Puerto Rico Case Study

    Puerto Rico is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea and the largest insular territory of The United States. As a territory of the U.S., Puerto Rico has many advantages for trade with the mainland while also posing complex challenges. As a territory of the United States, shipments between the two nations are free of import duties. The island has few natural resources and imports virtually all the raw material need to supports its manufacturing industry. In 2014, RB imported 186.7 tons of…

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