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  • Stereotypes In Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction is Quentin Tarantino's most revered film, debuting in 1994. It features a series of disjointed stories surrounding a crime boss, Marsellus, and his hitmen, particularly, Vince Vega, a loyal, but sloppy and inept man who is assigned to various tasks ranging from taking care of Marsellus’ wife, to assassinating a boxer, Butch, who double crossed Marsellus. However, he is only one of many different fully flushed out characters in the film. The film aims to explore these different characters in depth over it’s length. The film nearly disregards formal plot conventions in order to accomplish this. The stories are only loosely connected, told in a non-linear style, and without a real conflict. It would be difficult to even declare a…

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  • Hyperreal Violence And Racial Stereotypes In Pulp Fiction

    however, are accurate portrayals of the reality of the situations featured in the given film; in those cases, the work reflects a version of the truth altered by the filmmaker and accepted by the audience. In Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction, the use of hyperreal violence and racial stereotypes reflects upon the attitudes of modern American society. By the 1990’s, a number of filmmakers had taken to hyperreal violence for use as a critical cinematic device. Though Tarantino was not the…

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  • Forest Hill Paper Company Case Study

    increase with thicker basis weights. (See Exhibit 1 for material costs associated with each product, or grade.) Thus, unit level (or volume-related) drivers made sense for applying certain types of overhead to products. However, other important costs were incurred without respect to volume. For example, grade changes induce instabilities into the manufacturing process that result in scrap until the process resumes stability. On average, production engineers estimate that approximately one-half…

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  • Pulps Literature

    Pulps magazines were printed on paper made out of wood-pulp. They were made cheaply and sold cheaply (Ashley). To start off the Pulps time period the United States legalized segregation in 1896 (Mays). In 1898 the U.S. occupied Cuba during the Spanish-American War and gained Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines as territories by the Treaty of Paris. There was a spirit of adventure instilled in Americans and it was deepened in 1903 when the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane. Many of the…

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  • An Analysis Of Quentin Tarantino's Trademarks

    Inglourious Bastards of 2009, Jackie Brown of 1994, Pulp Fiction of 1994, Reservoir Dogs of 1992, and Kill Bill Volume one and two (Film Reference, n.d.). Tarantino’s films are characterized by glorified violence, extended dialogue scenes, use of title card and soundtracks mainly containing songs of between the 1960s and 1980s. Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction are one of his films evidently showcasing Tarantino’s Trademarks. Quentin Tarantino’s films echo the sentiment of glorified violence…

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  • Pulp Production Essay

    EXTRACTION Raw materials: The three main sources for pulp production are recycled paper, trees (soft and hard wood) and byproducts (ex. wood chips, saw dusts, etc.). The logs are debarked, and some are chipped down and both are delivered to the pulp industry for conversion. Water is also required throughout the process in great quantity. PRIMARY PRODUCTION (Pulping) Logs, recycled papers, and byproducts are delivered to pulp industries where they go through the process of being turned into…

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  • Analysis Of Martin Mcdonagh's Seven Psychopaths

    In 2012, McDonagh released Seven Psychopaths, a black comedy film starring Colin Farrell and Christopher Walken. In Seven Psychopaths, a character’s head explodes, there’s a decapitation, a man’s hands are fastened to a table with knives and then he’s burned alive. Again, the mix of violence and humor along with strong use of dialogue evokes a Tarantino comparison. In an interview with the New York Times shortly after the film’s release McDonagh said he does not welcome the Tarantino…

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  • Pulp Fiction Narrative

    In focusing on a narrative form that he terms as ludic, Newman looks at the work of the teasing inside joke and the enigma of the puzzle film. The word ludic was created around 1940 by psychologists as a way of describing the play of children, and applied to film, Newman informs us that this game-like form “… offers its own rewards, its own pleasures.” As a demonstration of these “pleasures,” Newman reads Pulp Fiction (1994) as a puzzle created for spectator entertainment, that uses the form of…

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  • Pulp Fiction Narrative Analysis

    Pulp Fiction uses the “episodic narrative” form which makes the story more believable to the viewers. Due to its narrative being non-linear as it goes back and forth in time, it is implied that characters carry on with their lives in between scenes in the film. The narrative has a plausible effect on Pulp Fiction as a whole. This effect is best illustrated in the closing scene in which a restaurant being robbed by a couple, which happens to be the opening scene as well which depicts that the…

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  • Pulp Capping Essay

    exposure. In the past, endodontic treatment or even extraction of the tooth was the only solution to pulpal complications. A recent update shows that pulp capping that resists the death of the exposed or nearly exposed pulp can be explication to pulpal complications. Pulp capping can be direct or indirect; it acts as a substitute of root canal treatment and preserves the tooth from death. I. Direct pulp capping: It is the technique used when there is perforation in the pulp during the…

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