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  • The Effect Of Exercise On Pulse Rates

    The males tested had the greatest average resting mean arterial pressure overall at rest and immediately after the two-minute workout. All the female’s mean arterial pressures recovered following four min after the exercise. In contrast, three out of the five males recovered although they had a much lower rate change in comparison to the females. This data is illustrated in graphs four, five, and six. Pulse rate The females tested on average had a significantly greater pulse rate at rest and immediately after the exercise in comparison to the males. Although the net change between male and females was very close, the recovery was not. All of the male pule rates recovered whereas the females only had one subject recover. This data is illustrated…

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  • Pulse Oximeter Essay

    Abstract— Optical Pulse Oximetry is feasibly the greatest advance in patient monitoring. Pulse Oximetry enables oxygenation, an important physiological variable that is poorly detected by clinical means, to be monitored continuously and easily. Hypoxemia is commonly found in all aspects of medical practice and is a major cause of organ abnormality and death. It should be widely available and used routinely in clinical practice both in primary care and in hospital. This paper will design a…

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  • Furp Case Study Sample

    Description of a Typical Day in the Nursing Home FRP is woken up at about 8:45am to eat breakfast in bed and take his morning medicines. He then goes back to sleep until about 10:30am when the CNA does his morning care and gets him out of bed. Once he is up and in his wheelchair, he visits the shower room for his morning bowel movement. He then wheels himself around the halls and heads to the main dining room for lunch. After lunch, he heads to his room and goes back to bed. He has dinner…

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  • Heart Rate Exercise Essay

    more movements that a person does, the higher their heart rate will be. After doing this experiment, we found that the more movements and exercises your body does, the more increased your heart rate will become. There could be possible sources of error like any experiments, so this data is the most accurate data we could possibly achieve. Introduction: How do body positions and/or exercise affect heart rate? Our experiment is based around this essential question. From what is known, exercise…

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  • Heart And Lung Sounds Analysis

    Peripheral Pulse Checks and Amplitude Absence or diminished leg pulses may suggest peripheral arterial disease of intermittent claudication. Absence suggests occlusion by thrombus, embolus, or dissection. If the pulse is hypokinetic or of low volume and amplitude, this could suggest shock or myocardial infarction indicative of low cardiac output such in the case of cardiomyopathy, stenosis, tamponade, or pericarditis. Hyperkinetic or bounding pulses are large-amplitude and strong pulses may be…

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  • Stethoscope Vs. Cardiomicrophone

    blood pressure is affected when the arm is positioned differently; blood pressure is highest when relaxed and fully extended and lowest when arm is held above subject’s head. Table 3 depicts the interval, or the amount of time, between two pulses. Table 4 depicts the calculate heart rates of volunteer 1 and 2 based upon the amplitude and interval of each pulse. As interval decreases, heart rate increase and amplitude does not affect rate, but represents the…

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  • Wit Margaret Edson Analysis

    students as her doctor is kind of an embarrassing moment for her, she felt that she could have given him an A+, but at that point nothing could be done. Instead of him learning from her, it was the opposite, she was learning from him as he run tests and other stuff on her. Are Vivian’s wishes honored at the end of the play is an interested question, because there was drama at this point. Professor Bearing told her primary nurse that if her heart stopped beating just let it (559). Susie told Dr.…

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  • Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Case Study

    assessment because every morning when I got him up for the day, he would mention that he was tired and did not sleep well. After preforming this assessment, I was able to realized how poor and disturbed his sleep patterns were. He scored a 4 on this assessment, meaning that he is considered to be a poor sleeper. For him, the greatest perceived disturbance to his sleep is the amount of pain that he is in. By doing this sleep quality index the provider is able to see what is affecting the clients…

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  • Which Aerobic Exercise Increases Heart Rate

    was the different exercises that were done. These were running, jump roping, and doing jumping jacks. The dependent variable was the difference in heart rate after exercising. Some of the control variables were the amount of time that subjects exercised (15 minutes), the age of the subjects that were tested (10-11 years old), and the timer used to keep track of how long the participant exercised and record pulse. The control group in this project was the group of subjects that walked. The…

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  • Transient Ischemic Attack Case Study

    For her early morning vital signs, her emotional state depicts as uncooperative and groggy, but as the morning progressed, she became more awake and alert. Her 0800 vital signs are as follows: oral temperature 98.3 degrees Fahrenheit, respiratory rate 16, heart rate via left radial pulse is 46, blood pressure 170/66 left arm lying down, oxygen saturation is 97% using her left digital probe finger and is on room air. The patient denies any pain, and I was told to monitor the patient periodically…

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