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  • Stepper Motors Case Study

    APPARATUS:- • Core 2 duo/i3/i5/i7 - 64bit processor • OS – 64bit OS • Editor Used – gedit/eclipse THEORY:- MATHEMATICAL MODEL : Consider a set S consisting of all the elements related to a program.The mathematical model is given as below, S=fs,e,X,Y,Fme,DD,NDD,Mem sharedg Where, s = Initial State e = End State X = Input. Here it is map size,start point,nish point. Y = Output.Here output is time required to generate route,actual route and map. Fme = Algorithm/Function used in program. for…

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  • Airway And Baseline Sentibility In The Nurse's Assessment

    to be recorded are heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, blood pressure and pulses (radial and pedal). If there are changes in the baseline vitals, the nurse can then take measures to provide the appropriate care. Prioritizing is the nurses main duty in each and every patient she treats, it can literally mean life or death. If a patient came into the ER with shortness of breath, checking their pulse first would not be the priority and can potentially harm the patient if the assessment…

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  • Summary: Interprofessional Collaboration

    informed me she told the nurse that the patient’s pulse ox was 82 and the nurse did not address the concern. She said the nurse was looking at her, but started talking to the doctor who just walked in the room. A couple minutes later the nurse asked the student if she took the pulse ox. Even though this was a minor issue regarding miscommunication, the incident still needed to be talked about because the nurse was not listening or noting importance. A pulse ox that low needed to be taken into…

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  • MRI And Its Effects On The Human Body

    Normally, protons within tissues spin to produce a magnetic. When surrounded by the strong magnetic field of an MRI device, the magnetic axes align along that field. A radio frequency pulse is then applied, causing the axes of many protons to align against the field in a high-energy state. After the pulse, protons relax and resume their baseline alignment within the magnetic field of the MRI device. The magnitude and rate of energy release that occurs as the protons resume this alignment and…

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  • Hidden Station Case Study Essay

    Answer the following questions in your own words , in no more than 4 sentences each. QUES- Discuss the case when the load is low or high in a Bit Map Protocol. What will be the wait slot for a low numbered station and high numbered station? ANS - Under conditions of low load, the bit map will simply be repeated over and over, for lack of data frames. Low Numbered Stations - when it becomes ready to send, the 'current' slot will be somewhere in the middle of the bit map. On Average, the…

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  • The Importance Of The Pacemaker

    The pacemaker helps treat an issue called arrhythmias. Arrhythmias are problems with the beat of your heartrate. There are 4 different types of arrhythmias, premature which is when you get extra beats (the most common type), Supraventricular tachycardia is when your heart beats too fast, ventricular rhythm issues can halt the ventricle from pumping blood into your body (this could result in cardiac arrest), and Bradycardia is when your heart beats too slow meaning not enough blood gets to your…

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  • What Motivates You, What Are Your Goals

    culture and theory behind the movement. Combining these classes with my understanding of the history of culture, led me to the realization that every civilization had its own rhythm, there was a unique pulse that allowed each to thrive, and I could help to maintain these cadences. When I found the pulse through art and history I was then able to connect it to all other aspects of my education. I saw culture in science, in our theories and viewpoints of how the world worked, I saw culture in…

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  • Harvard Case Study The Four Western Blots

    A single cell cannot grow larger and larger indefinitely because on a cellular level and metabolic level, a cell requires essential provisions, cell-to-cell communication, and transport of molecules/nutrients. The outside of a cell grows slower than the inside of a cell. If a single cell were to continuously grow the outside layer of the cell would not be able to keep up. The larger a cell is, the more difficult it is to transport nutrients and oxygen from outside of the cell into the inside of…

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  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    Magnetic resonance imaging, also known as an MRI scan, is a type of scan that uses magnetic fields and radio wave energy to create images of the organs and tissues, such as the brain. It is a scan that is used to detect things such as tumors, infections and injuries. It is often used after an x-ray or CT scan is done to gather more information. This paper will discuss MRI in depth such as how an MRI works, its use in society, the differences between MRI and other scans and the future for MRI.…

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  • Trombones And The Trumpet: Band Analysis

    Brass ensemble piece rough sketch Immortal, for 4 trumpets and 4 trombones, and 1 Person to blow up Balloons. The Trumpets will stand in position at the right of the stage. 3 will be designated as “followers” and will stand in a straight vertical line facing the left of the stage, in front of the remaining trumpet player, who is designated as the leader. The Trombones will set up in the same fashion, but mirroring the Trumpets. the Trombones and the Trumpets should be no closer than 5 feet…

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