Electromagnetic spectrum

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  • Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Analysis

    takes place when the energy-momentum conservation condition is satisfied (27, 28). This inelastic interaction leads to gain/loss of photon quanta via electron packets, which can be resolved in the electron energy spectrum consisting of discrete peaks, spectrally separated by multiples of photon energy (nћω), on both sides of the zero loss peak (ZLP). The electron that gain or loss energy due to the coupling only exists in the presence of the optical laser pulse. In another word, the optical laser pulse acts as a temporal gating of these electrons and the time window of this gating is the optical pulse duration. These gated electrons can be filtered out providing a magnificent enhancement of the temporal resolution in electron microscopy. Another optical laser pulse can be utilized to trigger the ultrafast dynamics of matter which can be envisaged by gated-electrons in different modes i.e. diffraction, electron…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Window Tinting

    We can all agree that there is nothing worse than driving down the road in your car and either getting a hard core sunburn or just being way to hot. Like everything in the world there is a solution to that, but it seems to be illegal now a days. Over the years window tint has become more popular with the new style of people and hotter summers. The solution is tinting your vehicle 's windows. Many people have had experiences with window tint and most likely were suprised if they did not know…

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  • Raadish Seeds Lab

    I chose thie project because it looked like fun and interested at the same time for me. I wanted to see which bag of radish seeds will grow when it was inserted inside a microwave. This experiment looks interseted because i wanna see what would happen to the seeds as soon as they last 10 seconds inside the microwave. This can be a good project for others it looks preety cool, it can be used in the REAL WORLD. There are people who plant these Radish Seeds and put them in the ground were it can…

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  • Plant Growth Lab

    five seconds. Group C was the control group and was not exposed to any microwave radiation. The plants in Group T and F were exposed to only one radiation treatment. Height measurements of the stem of all of the plants were taken in centimeters. Measurements for Groups T and F were recorded before and after their first and only treatments. Additional Height measurements were recorded weekly, also measured in centimeters. To ensure continuity, the same person measured the plants’ stem height each…

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  • Short Wave Energy Essay

    Please 1) describe what is meant by the terms short-wave and long-wave energy, 2) namea specific type of electromagnetic energy for each type, and 3) correctly identify which is associated with the energy emitted from the Sun and the Earth. Short-wave electromagnetic energy has a short wavelength and high energy, while long-wave electromagnetic energy has a long wavelength and low energy. The wavelendth refers to the sine function that describes the eneregy's osicalation through time. Higher…

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  • Evolution Of Light Waves

    beam of electromagnetic waves at a specific frequency, at a moving object. When a microwave bounces off the object, its wavelength shifts as the object moves (this is known as the Doppler effect). The radar detects the shift and calculates how fast the object is traveling, along with it's location. 2. Polarized sunglasses block reflected light (glare). Since polarized light waves travel in a generally horizontal direction, the glasses have a special filter to block out this specific kind of…

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  • Chim 110 Required Note Packet

    Within the article this term is used to describe light as heat. Particularly, body heat released by the body, which is “7- to-14-µm on the wavelength range (Torrice).” This wavelength range comes from the Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum on pages thirty to thirty-one of the “CHM 110 Required Note Packet.” This chart shows a spectrum from gamma rays to radio waves. Gamma rays, in which, are high energy radiation, and radio waves, which are low energy radiation (Kudurna “CHM 110 Required Note…

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  • Star And Sun Research Paper

    Corona: Outermost layer of the sun; plasma that extends millions of kilometres into space • It is the sun 's halo or “crown” • temperatures of 2 to 5 million degrees and is much hotter than the visible surface of the sun, or photosphere Photosphere: Layer of the sun that we can see; visible surface of the sun • region where sun emits light • the coolest layer of the sun (6700C) • only a fraction of the light that travels from the sun reaches earth • travels in a range of wavelengths including…

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  • Bluebot Lab

    breadboard has to be mounted to the BlueBot. Most of the common accessories used with breadboards have long metal legs called leads, and are stuck into the holes on the breadboard. There are small clips on the inside of a breadboard, and they grab the leads. These are organized with a system of rows and columns, which helps users try to find an easier way to stick the leads into the holes. They have a positive symbol for a positive source and negative for a negative source of power. They have a…

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  • Visible Light Communication Essay

    communication, etc. Instead of radio frequency, VLC uses light, to transfer data. The visible light spectrum is unlicensed and 10,000 times larger than the range of radio frequencies. It can be used as an alternate to the existing radio based wireless communication technologies or in hybrid. Moreover, Integrated VLC resolves issue of load balancing in existing wireless…

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