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  • The Importance Of Reamping

    effective trick and a common technique. In a nutshell, use a reamping box to record a dry signal to your DAW while listening to the tailored tone from your amp. Next, use the reamping box to play the dry performance back to your guitar amp. You can dial in alternate tones using the same performance that has already been captured. Mic the amp as usual and record these alternate tones till your heart’s content. This is a great way to layer different sounds while using just one take. Let’s interact With all of the great technology and recording equipment available to the non-billionaire crowd, one of the killer benefits of an amp cranked up loud enough to crack windows gets overlooked. I’m talking about that important interaction between the amplifier and the resonant wood in the body of an electric guitar. There is something very real about this amp-guitar synergy that adds flavor and sustain to the guitar sound. Since over-saturation begins to make a guitar sound small, try backing off on the drive and replace it with this resonance created by blasting the guitar…

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  • Music Narrative Essay

    summer of 2001; my oldest sister, of the two, would always drive around in our hometown playing her favorite alternative rock tracks. It was calming driving the backshore, with the waves crashing into the rocks. It was like I was at peace sitting in the backseat of her jeep, just watching the ocean; I could feel myself hearing Stone Temple Pilots. At that moment, I was sure I found my liking, and that would be rock and roll. When artists like Radiohead and the Foo Fighters came on, I’d be so…

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  • The Benefits Of An Electric Guitar

    So you 've decided you want to be a rockstar, eh? You 've decided that you 're going to join the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Stevie Ray and Slash as a rock n ' roll and guitar icon. Well, before you get too famous and lose yourself in either your music or drugs and alcohol, you have to get a guitar to begin with. It can be daunting to go into a guitar store and see millions of guitars, some for $200 and some for $2000. So which ones should you go for and what should you be looking at? Well…

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  • Guitar History

    in mind the style of music you will be playing. It is no good buying a "shred-master" metal machine if your primary musical influences are jazz or blues. Take a look at the players you often listen to and see what they are using. Most players will cite a particular model or type of guitar as being best for a particular style of music. An example would be using hollow body electrics for jazz or Telecasters for country music. However, there are no rules, and the general wisdom is at best a…

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  • Ecg Lab Report

    The aim of this project is to develop an Electrocardiography (ECG) amplifier circuit from scratch. The main challenges include amplifying the desired week signal in the presence of noise from other muscles and electrical sources. As this semester was about transistors we had to use transistors at some stage in this project. The project was successfully designed and built in two ways: one with solely using operational amplifiers and other using transistors as differential amplifiers.…

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  • Computer Engineering: The History Of Computer Engineering

    introduced to Mr. Berry by Harold W. Anderson, an electrical engineering professor, after Atanasoff told him what kind of person he was looking for. Apparently Berry was exactly that man because that was who he recommended. The computer was then built from 1937 to 1942 at Iowa State University. This computer weighed about 750 lbs., looked like a desk, and used drums to store memory. This computer still made a larger impact because numerous invention is still used today, they include, “a binary…

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  • Negative Effects Of Technology On Children

    How are electronic devices and technological advancements affecting children? Kids no longer have a need to go outside in order to go on adventures or to visit with friends since they can communicate and play games on electronic devices. They can access all the information and entertainment they could want from a single device; however, while technological developments might seem beneficial to the younger generations, there are several negative consequences of children using them, like…

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  • The Importance Of Electrical And Computer Engineering

    Electrical and Computer Engineering has developed tremendously over the hundredth year. As the world continues to grow smarter from new inventions and expansions, the possibility of further refining the engineering curriculum was brought up. It is vital to take into consideration efficiency, effectiveness, and resourcefulness when it comes to learning, as well as teaching. Ambitious engineers will need to acquire key ideas, including social, cultural, and specialized concepts in order to be…

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  • Steam Engine Research Paper

    mechanical engineering to design and make things maybe like the shell of the computer. According to Columbia engineering “mechanical engineering is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts and devices to large systems spacecraft and machine tools.” Mechanical engineers are suppose to make item and sells it on the market. Not only that they have to design the parts for it they must also find a way to make the product…

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  • Essay On Technology Taking Over Society

    Keeping your phone on during the night or next to bedside can affect your sleep by urging one to use the electronic device instead of sleeping.(The negative effects, 2015) When one should be getting 10 hours of sleep at night they get less because before one goes to sleep they have to check their device for messages or calls. Which now urges them to start messaging or call someone, which now is taking away from that sleep and relaxation time. Now only does it take away from sleep, it also…

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