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  • Speaker Cones Essay

    SAE Institute Glasgow The Dynamic Moving Coil Loudspeaker: Design and principle of use – an audio engineer's best friend Sergiusz Sytniejewski 16145 AF0911 Submission date: 11 September 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Introduction3 1. Driver plus box equals loudspeaker4 1.1. Driver5 1.2. Cone6 1.3. Surround7 1.4. Rear suspension (spider)8 1.5. The chassis8 1.6. Voice coil assembly9 1.7. Magnet10 2. Baffles10 2.1. Infinite baffle11 2.2. Ported enclosure11 2.3. Drone cone11 2.4. Bandpass cabinet12 3. Crossover12 4. Conclusion12 5. References14 6. Bibliography14 Introduction You wouldn't think a loudspeaker and a car engine have a lot in common, would you? Well perhaps not a lot but they definitely share one important thing – both have seen almost no change to their fundamental form in decades. Of course technological progress has supplied them with more sophisticated materials. Hence nowadays they are more efficient than ever before. However, the car still uses a series of small sparks to get from point A to point B and we still use the speaker cone to move air particles. Period. But is it really that simple? Certainly not. Since I have limited knowledge of car engines, I will instead focus on the principles of functionality and design of dynamic moving coil loudspeakers. There are a great many different designs of loudspeakers – ribbon (which actually predate dynamic moving coil design), electrostatic, Heil air motion, plasma (ionic),…

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  • Porphyria's Lover And Neutral Tone Analysis

    “Porphyria’s Lover” & “Neutral Tones”: The Sinister Similarities of the Speakers The loss of a loved one is perhaps the most difficult experience that humans ever come up against. The poem “Porphyria’s Lover”, written by Robert Browning, adds a sense of irony to this. At the most superficial layer, the speakers in both “Porphyria’s Lover” and “Neutral Tones”, written by Thomas Hardy, both deal with loss. The tones in “Neutral Tones” seem to be indifferent, or Neutral. The speaker of…

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  • Two Different Types Of Speakers Essay

    Music is something that everyone in the world can relate to. All cultures, races, and religions listen to music. The main way that people listen to music now is through their phones or with their computers. Anytime there is a social event, there is music playing in the back ground with the use of speakers. Speakers are the technology used today for most of your music needs because they can be connected to any type of phone. There is nothing worse than when you are at a party and suddenly there…

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  • Persuasive Speaker Reflection

    Throughout the entire class, I have been questioning to myself if I have enhanced as a persuasive speaker, or remained as the same person that stepped into your classroom for the first time. And to be frank with you Schilling, my actual objective for Speech 100 was to progress into a decent speaker, so that one day I could possess the same atmosphere as Henry Clay. Bearing in mind that Clay was valued as one of the greatest speakers that has walked on this earth. Likewise, Clay is considered as…

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  • The Importance Of Sound In Music

    issues taking place. Protests in Japan, loudspeakers in Nigeria and the slums of India all offer this glimpse; by listening to their soundscapes, one can discover something about the different locations and how these sounds have different meanings…

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  • Reverb And Delay Analysis

    sound images fused together to create something new. Using the previous example of an individual shouting the word ‘hello’ into a cave, while the first ‘hello’ received back would be the echo or delay, this quickly and subsequently will turn into a series of hellos as the sounds continue to bounce of the walls and the ceiling. This sounds come together to form a chorus of sorts which is what the reverb is. Where the first hello is a delay, the third, fourth, and fifth hellos are part of…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Firefighter

    I ran as fast as I could, I didn't know what was going on but I just ran and ran until I got to the fire truck... I had to go and I wasn't quite sure where to go, until I got out of the station the world trade center is on fire! “Oh no oh no oh no” I thought desperately “ can our hoses even reach that high up?” I was so scared, there was people just standing there watching the towers burn *ALL UNITS REPORT TO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER* the loudspeaker screeched that was my cue I had to go as fast…

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  • Airplane Experience

    popping because of the air pressure. After that the flight attendant offered everyone a drink and a snack. They had so many different kinds of drinks, from tomatoe juice to lemonade. I got a Coke and then they offered me either pretzels or biscotti. I got pretzels, which were really good. After everyone finished their snacks, I looked out the window and could see many different lakes and lots of pine trees. That’s when I knew I was in Maine! I got so excited to finally be in Maine. 0nce…

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  • Personal Narrative-All Buggers Report To Duty

    “All buggers report to duty immediately! Our defense systems have been breached! All buggers report to duty immediately! Our defense systems have been breached!” blared the loudspeakers repeatedly in my quarters, each message sending an echo down the narrow hallway leading to the other buggers’ quarters. What a perfect way to start the day. I am awoken at five-thirty in the morning by the sound of extremely high-pitched loudspeakers- just what I need! Ugh! I better go and find that awful Queen…

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  • Belvie Mabika Case Study

    watched over, and against the use of violence. Furthermore, she is used to being in a refugee camp with her sister, and may be concerned about what could happen to her if she leaves her to roam the school on her own not understanding the difference between the two, or even understanding the difference between the outside environments, or the fact that those who hurt them in the DRC are not coming for them here. This idea of Belvie not knowing the difference between cultures, and knowing so well…

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