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  • Room Acoustics Research Paper

    Chapters Acoustics Acoustics is the properties of a space and, how sound is transmitted into it. There are four areas of acoustical concern. The first area is sound isolation, it is unwanted sounds that leak in to the auditorium that affects the performance. These problems occur through doors, windows, walls, flooring, ceiling and ventilation ducts. The second area the interior room acoustics it shows how a room size, shape surface and materials affect interior acoustics and how they could be altered. The third area is mechanical noise, this occurs through ventilation ducts, vibrating compressing units and buzzing light ballasts. The last area is the practice room which is considered as the backstage area. Since the performers are practicing…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Acoustic Guitar Is Better

    easiest to learn. Although that is true for the most part I say that the acoustic guitar is the better choice to be made. With learning on an acoustic the beginner will build up more strength in their fingers and hands. They will work harder to press down the strings with the Acoustic, unlike the Electric where it is easier to press down on the strings. All though there are many positives about the Electric guitar, the Acoustic is the way to go when you are first starting out on learning how to…

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  • Looking Into A Soundwalk In Queen Elizabeth Park Analysis

    Westerkamp attempts to explore the soundscape of the park and discover how sound harmonize with the visual impression and importance of surrounding sound. This soundwalk has seven spot of listening location: 1.Entrance, 2.Kinfe-Edge, 3.Lookout, 4.Conservatory, 5.Sunken Garden, 6.Creek and 7.Quarry.Westerkamp provide instruction like”Listen to your footsteps and experiment with your own voice” ”Sit down and let the sounds of the flowing water soothe you” etc, to brainstorm the idea of soundwalk,…

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  • Porous Materials Essay

    This is analogous to an electrical system when electrical flow is opposed it causes a voltage applied to the system. In acoustics, the impedance is defined as the ratio of pressure to flow. 2.1.2 Micro Properties It is at the micro scale at which the material acts with the fluid. Micro properties are the geometry details that define the interaction between sound and the material what define the Macro properties. Flow resistivity (r) is the ratio of a static pressure drop to the corresponding…

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  • Brimera Sound Envelope Experiment

    chimera is composed from two different sounds; the envelope of one sound and the fine structure of another. Scientists have discovered that human speech is dominated by the envelope information of a speech sound, where as musical melodies is dominated by the fine structure of the sound by using auditory chimeras. Tonal languages utilize speech intonations to express different word meaning and usually include various distinctive pitch contours. For our research, we used auditory chimeras to…

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  • Analysis Of Frequency

    The proposed approach was implemented, tested and validated for SVPWM and DPWM2 techniques, including the over-modulation region. The proposed switching frequency variation strategy was able to reduce switching losses up to 20% over the conventional constant switching frequency SVPWM and DPWM2 techniques. This strategy also spreads peaky harmonic spectrum of the output waveform which may help in reducing acoustic noise, however, consequent introduction of lower frequency harmonics in the…

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  • Concurring Student Creativity: The Importance Of Background Sound

    Introduction For several years many people believed that the key secret to achieving ones highest creativity was background noise. The human brain has the functionality to multitask, each section of the brain has a specific purpose. According to Merriam Webster, concentration is defined as: 1. “The action or power of focusing one’s attention or mental effort” 2.” Exclusive attention to one object, Close mental application.” So according to text, people should single in their attention and…

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  • Multifrequent Tympanometry Essay

    Figure 2 demonstrates the variation of positively compensated admittance (Ytm), susceptance (Btm), and conductance (Gtm) as a function of probe tone frequency. While acoustic resistance is independent of frequency, acoustic conductance does vary with frequency. The variation of Ga with frequency can be understood as a variation of Ra and Xa with frequency. Stiffness and mass susceptance are frequency dependent. Mass susceptance is directly proportional to frequency and stiffness susceptance is…

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  • Renaissance Architecture: Historical Influence During The Renaissance Period

    reappearing ideas become present in a different way. New forms of architecture to this day is consider one of the most important achievement that formed during the Renaissance era. the form of architecture used during the time mainly originating from mainly Greek and Roman times and styles. During the Renaissance time period, numerous architects such as Bartolommeo Bandinelli were known for the design of dome creations used mainly in cathedrals in Florence, these design were now larger and more…

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  • Ultrasound Technician Research Paper

    information is finished they then print the image of the patients child from the display. Transducer probe in order to use it you alway need to put gel on the patient's stomach the gel is a clear substances that is made of different chemicals like glycol, water, glycerin, and ect. The reason why the gel needed is because it makes the image on the machine better. In the article Ultrasound Gel For Medical Professionals says, “The gel helps make secure contact between the transducer and the…

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